Survivor's Kathy & Tracy Talk About What WentWrong

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The plot continues to thicken on Survivor: Micronesia as the fans drop like flies and the favorites reign supreme. Fans Kathy and Tracy are now gone after Kathy desperately begged for the boat ride back to civilization and Tracy was sent packing at Tribal Council on the latest episode. Here they both recount what went wrong. –Jessica Herndon

Kathy, what led to your extreme mental breakdown out there? Kathy: It hit me hard to lose Chet and Tracy. She was the leader of the pep talks. Then Jonathan was the only one who would stay with me in my shelter. I felt like without Chet and Tracy at least I had Jonathan and then he left and it was complete aloneness. I am surprised they had any footage of me not crying.

So you don’t regret quitting at all? It was the third happiest day of my life. After the birth of my child and marrying my husband. It was really hard to come face to face, 200 miles an hour, with my breaking point. I’m back on my Zoloft belt so I’m much better now.

You said you couldn’t feel your family while you were out there on the island. How was it seeing them for the first time again?My husband met me at baggage claim and I literally dropped everything and ran into his arms. Out there I kept thinking that my daughter hated me for leaving her and that she was crying every night and that maybe she wouldn’t even recognize me and that they were doing fine without me. It got bad for me.

When you said you wanted to leave the island everyone seemed really supportive. Were you surprised? Parvati actually surprised me the most. The way she talked like flirty. She’d talk to a coconut that way. That’s just how she relates to anybody. She’s really just a kind hearted person.

Now Tracy, you were voted off. It seemed pretty inevitable after Chet’s exit, but you really tried to hang in there.Tracy: I went into tribal throwing Ozzy on the table as much as I could but I knew that was going to be a bad day.

Were you surprised Ami came to the aid of the fans after the merge?Ami’s a love-bug. She doesn’t like to be ostentatious. She was saying, “Come on, ! Yes, you played the game before, but you did loose.” But she got scared at the end.

Will Erik be the next to go? He is the only fan left on Malakal? Well if Ozzy goes then they’ll need him to climb the coconut tree. Erik will be taken out by the girls if they don’t need him.

How did you feel when you couldn’t go on the Herbal Essence reward? I was so mad. I was like “Ozzy, it’s a girl. Let her go shampoo her hair.” But Ozzy was not going to miss the shower op with Amanda. I remember James saying, “Man that’s bad. Let the girl go shampoo her hair.” It was so funny. But it was awful. I could have choked him.

What did you think of Chet and Kathy quitting? My first thought with Chet was “You gotta back us. People would love you.” But he had to make that choice and Chet was very sick. He really had a bad infection and they told him that his liver had enlarged. Kathy, I felt like if she would have held on for a few more hours she would have been great.

Who are you hoping will win? I hope Ami takes Ozzy down! Monty Brinton/CBS

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