What went wrong with Survivor's goofiest contestant?

By Steve Helling
November 03, 2013 11:15 AM
Monty Brinton/CBS

When Kat Edorsson played Survivor: One World, she was known for her goofy antics – dancing, cracking jokes, and farting on her fellow castaways. Returning for Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Edorsson was much more subdued, never clicking with the people on her tribe. She found herself voted out on Day 16.

Playing the game with her boyfriend, Big Brother winner Hayden Moss, Edorsson worried aloud that he would dump her after she was voted off, because “no one wants to date someone who makes the merge.” Edorsson, 23, talks about her experience – and whether she and Hayden are still together.

Kat, what happened?
There were so many layers that I couldn’t figure out the game. There was not one person that was on my side. I didn’t bond with anyone. It was cutthroat.

You went from a goofy character in One World to a more somber character this time. It didn’t seem like you were having fun out there.
I always have fun. I’m the youngest player to play twice who didn’t quit. Would I rather have had a better experience like I did in One World? Absolutely. But I had fun anyway.

But you seemed a little subdued.
They just didn’t show me much. That’s what you get when you don’t play the game well. Not only do you get eliminated, you don’t get any airtime! But I adored everybody.

Everybody? It’s known you’re not a huge fan of Colton Cumbie, who quit.
He was hard to deal with. When he’s upset, his fangs come out and they dig right into you. That’s not the best quality to have.

From the beginning, you were on the outside of your tribe. Why?
I was in a different stage of life. People were talking about their marriages and their kids. I didn’t have much to add. In One World, everyone was in their 20s. On this season, everyone is in their 40s!

So, it was like what happened to Nina and Monica in One World, but in reverse.
Exactly. I didn’t have anyone on my tribe who was like me.

You were afraid that Hayden would break up with you because you didn’t make the merge. Why?
Because, would you date someone who didn’t make the merge?

There are lots of wonderful people who didn’t make the merge.
But would you date them? … People stay together when they have a lot in common. Candice and John are both doctors, and that’s why they are so good together. Hayden won Big Brother, and he’s doing really well on Survivor. And then there’s me, who can’t even make the merge!

But the two of you are still together, right?
Yes. He lives in Texas and I live in Orlando. We hope to move closer together.

Survivor and Big Brother. Would you and Hayden go three for three and do The Amazing Race together?
Of course! I hoped Hayden and I would be working together as a team this time. We wanted people to see us in action. When I’m out of control, he brings me back to normal. We’d be a dominating team together!