Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Survivor: Micronesia started off with a bang, but unfortunately Jonny Fairplay will no longer be part of that boom. Who would have guessed that the bad boy schemer would be the first to be voted off the island? Well, a lot of folks. Especially when he unleashed his “talking circles around ” strategy from the beginning. Typical Fairplay: he convinced Parvati and Ozzy he’d align with them. Soon after, he jumped on board with Amy, Yau-Man, Eliza and Jonathan. But in the end, it seemed all of the faves believed they were being taken for a ride when Fairplay started mentioning how much he missed his pregnant girlfriend. “I want to see my girl and go home,” he told Parvati at camp. Well, you know what they say, “Be careful what you wish for.” PEOPLE spoke with Jonny to find out what the heck he was really trying to — and to find out if becoming a dad has softened him up a bit.

What happened?Honestly, the Danny Bonaduce brawl at the FOX Really Awards was like a week before. I had the 15 hours of surgery, four root canals… When I got out to the island the pain was ridiculous. And then five minutes in Yau-Man slams the side of my face, jaw first into the side of the boat. So right there it was over.

You never mentioned that in the episode but you did talk about missing your girlfriend, Michelle Dieghton.Michelle and I had made a pact right before I left that if anything were to go wrong — she was seven months pregnant at the time — for her not to tell CBS because I didn’t want that to distract me from my game out there. When I got out there I was like “That was stupid” and I just started thinking the worse. What they didn’t show from tribal council was that both Jonathan and Yau-Man, who have children, are both like, “If our wives were seven months pregnant we would not be doing this game… ” I’ve been waiting four and half years for this chance. But you take the conditions and game itself, but adding all of these extra factors, Jonny Fairplay just finally had his breaking point.

So you really wanted to go home?I didn’t have a choice… That was definitely a decision that someone upstairs made and I’m not talking production.

By saying that you wanted to align with this person and then that person, you seemed to be scheming.I was playing my game. I was showing right there form the get go that this is why I’m the greatest player in the history of the game. I mean there were favorites fighting to be my friend.

You said that Yau-Man was a horrible person. Is there anything about him that you do admire? Not at all. Yau-Man is a dirty player and I wanted to expose him for that.

Will you plan to watch the rest of season?Absolutely. There are survivors that you will see — both fans and favorites — that will be involved in my wedding on June 14th. So I have lots of friends out there. I love the show.

How is fatherhood treating?It’s incredible. She’s three weeks old. Her name is Piper Addison Fairplay. I’m in the process of legally changing my name to Jonny Fairplay. She has blue eyes. Her hair is starting to curl. Everyone can’t believe how the devil’s spawn of Jonny Fairplay is the quietest baby. The only time she cries is when she’s naked. I told her just remember that when you’re 17 and we’ll be all right.

That’s sweet. Do you want to think of you as a good guy? Did you think it was possible for Jonny Fairplay to be a good guy? Monty Brinton/CBS