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Updated December 01, 2020 06:36 PM
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Sometimes, smart make really stupid moves. Take Tyson Apostol, a 30-year-old college dropout and cyclist from Heber City, Utah, who fell prey to one of Russell’s schemes and changed his vote at the last minute on Wednesday’s Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. As you can see by the following Q&A, this wiseacre in leopard briefs agrees wholeheartedly with the assessment of his dumb downfall. –Carrie Bell

Once again, we’re talking to you way early.You’re telling me. And I have no one to blame but myself. Maybe the worst play in Survivor history.

Why didn’t you follow Boston Rob’s surefire plan?It was a risky move I was willing to take because if it worked, I would have looked like the most badass dude ever to play. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have. Here’s what my thought process was: I told Russell, Danielle, Parvati that we were splitting the votes and there was nothing they could do. Russell had to vote Parvati or play the idol to save himself. I could use Russell to get farther in the game and Parvati was a bigger threat. I was going to vote Russell but switched it thinking even if she switched her vote to Russell, she’d still get the majority. I knew he had the idol but I never thought he’d play it for her. Who does that?

Why was Parvati the biggest threat?Because she had played with the most . Like 18 of these played together in Micronesia. Just knowing is a huge base to start from when trying to build alliances.

Was it unfair that some of these folks have played together so often?It can go either way. By playing so much, see how you play and know your strengths. And everyone is aware who knows who. They don’t show a lot of it, but I was in control of that game. It was mine to lose. Based on the type of player I am, I give myself 50-50 odds of winning every time I play.

Wow, that’s big coming from a guy who never made it to the finale.It’s true. I don’t think there’s a single Survivor who could beat me at a final tribal council. I’m too well liked and would hold my own as a debater. I’m a person and I’m less threatening than many of the other big-game players.

So who is better, Boston Rob or Russell?They both have skills but I’m willing to bet my life that Russell, no matter who he’s playing against, could never win the game because he rubs the wrong way. I have nothing against him, but there isn’t a single person more disliked by contestants. The name of the game is slitting ’s throats with finesse and he doesn’t have that. He can get to the end but there’s big difference between first and second.

What was different about this Survivor experience?The game started earlier at a high stress level. People were so paranoid and wanted to get their alliances squared away immediately. Even on an All-Star season, you still have the weak, stupid, ludicrous and the big fake-boobed girl. It isn’t like the 20 smartest players of all time. They pick who will bring controversy to camp and entertain fans. Often that’s the very stupid, as proved by my stupid strategy. But I appreciated the coconuts in Samoa because you can survive on those alone and Brazil didn’t have those.

You talk a big game, but your tender moment with Coach showed everyone you’re actually a softie. There was no way they weren’t gonna show that and with every second, my reputation as a badass went further down the toilet. But he was crying and I know when are genuinely hurt. He wanted to know why think he’s silly and he needed to hear it from someone close. Of course, he didn’t heed my warning because five seconds later he said he was a legend and the next morning he was doing tai chi.

The obvious next step is a Coach-Tyson Amazing Race run.I would kick ass at it. I’m smart enough. I’ve traveled the world. I know a lot of offensive things to say in multiple languages. And Coach has way more experience than I do at, well, everything if you believe his stories. He survived Pygmies so The Amazing Race would be cake. Make it happen! It’s not like I want to get a real job.

Monty Brinton/CBS