Survivor: Tocantins Recap: Age Before Beauty

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Day 12 of Survivor: Tocantins finally saw what viewers have been expecting since day 1 – the ouster of the oldest player in the game, Sandy Burgin, who was singled out in the first impression vote.

Camp Politics: Timbira continued the who-should-lead conversation the morning after Jeff Probst brought it up at tribal council. The consensus was Brendan although Coach fought a little. He continued his patronizing, degrading, pseudo-philosophical diatribes when alone with a camera man.He claimed he was obviously “stronger” than Brendan. Erin revealed that she was having a hard time connecting with her tribe because she was distraught over a recent bad breakup. Weigh-Ing Game: For the challenge, two men and one woman from each tribe placed a pole across their back and two 10-lb. sandbags were added to one pole every round. The catch? The other tribe decided who would shoulder the weight each time. The last person left standing won the chance to steal any two items from the other camp. Timbira’s Brendan was the first out. He reached 220 lbs., which was this challenge’s previous record (held by Rupert of Pearl Islands). Tyson and Joe dropped at 140 and JT tied Rupert’s record. The challenge came down to the women, equally matched at 100 lbs.. As Jeff instructed 20 more pounds to be added, Debra’s stick slipped, giving Jalapao its fourth consecutive win.

JT and Joe took a water can and one bag of beans. They left one sack of “farting beans” in case the Survivor gods had a camp swap or player exchange planned (now we’re playing with brains). Tyson, who is surfacing as quite the quote machine, was conflicted about having to be nice to enemies when he’d rather “punch these guys in the head.” His frustration fell away with his clothes when he fashioned his buff into a loincloth. “What if I single-handedly bring the loincloth back to civilized society?” he pondered.

Four Play: Taj turned a penalty into a plan with the Team Secret alliance. She put their four-person strategy into play by recruiting Stephen, and he couldn’t have been more thrilled. “I might have stumbled ass backwards into a huge alliance,” he said. As Brendan had not debriefed Sierra before she was sent to Exile with Taj, the pop singer filled her in too.

Comeback Kids: To secure immunity, castaways had to run one by one through a course to retrieve long wooden puzzle pieces tied up on the other end. Once all were collected, they had to place them in a frame and rotate them until the secret phrase was revealed. Jalapao had a lead during the collection phase until Sydney got tripped up on the knots, but Joe and JT made up the lost time. Ultimately, both teams figured out the answer but Timbira locked it in first.

Age Before Beauty: The vote debate fluctuated between Sandy and Sydney. Taj pointed out that Sandy was stronger than Syd in the last two challenges, but Syd had good looks and some extreme flirting on her side when it came to Joe, JT and Spencer. Apparently, she doesn’t wear a bra at night, she borrows their boxers and doles out massages. Sandy said, “They’re going to be putting our name down. You better be pulling off more than a bra. You better be pulling some panties off.”She tried to make this an issue at tribal council, but the men preferred boxer pajama parties over the clucking of the den mother, and so Sandy was eliminated with four votes. — Carrie Bell

Monty Brinton/CBS

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