'Survivor' : The "Outcast"Outlasts

Photo: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

While last night’s episode seemed to be all about the tortoise and the hare (or in Chet and Joel‘s case, the sloth and the bear), it was the firefighter on Survivor: Micronesia who got extinguished.

The tribes were shaken up as well, with host Jeff Probst shuffling the fans in with the favorites. Strong competitors switched sides. Joel and Ozzy ended up on Malakal together, while James and his Herculean physique went over to Airai.

The first Reward competition — a game that combined a cat-and-mouse chase with capture the flag — found Chet and Joel tethered to each other and Eliza and Pavarti giving chase. Unfortunately, the pageant designer zigged when he should have zagged and found his head colliding with a log. James tried to continue on, dragging his teammate’s dazed body behind him “like a Clydesdale,” but Airai won out.

Which one of these metaphors was used to describe Chet?a) A sack of potatoes b) A bundle of bananas c) A wet rag d) A ball of glue

Answer: all of the above.

One might guess the weakest link Chet was headed home, but in a power play move, Cirie convinced the tribe to oust the player who had a good chance of winning the entire game: Joel. So, Chet lives to compete another week. At least his chickens are happy. –Jonathan SternJeffrey R. Staab/CBS

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