A judge heard divorce proceedings on Nov. 8 but the final paperwork has not been filed

Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS; Cameron Powell

Survivor contestant Whitney Duncan’s recently revealed secret marriage to musician Donny Fallgatter is almost over after 15 months.

A circuit court judge in Centerville, Tenn., heard divorce proceedings on Nov. 8 but awaits the final paperwork before the divorce is official.

Duncan and Fallgatter – who quietly tied the knot on Aug. 1, 2010, in Gatlinburg, Tenn., after less than two months of courtship – lived and traveled together, but did not tell family and friends they were in fact husband and wife, revealing only that they were engaged.

In late May, Duncan, who is an up-and-coming country singer in Nashville, left to compete on Survivor: South Pacific.

While on the show, she began a relationship with fellow cast member Keith Tollefson. She later confessed to Fallgatter that she had fallen for Tollefson in a phone call she made once the entire Survivor cast was done filming.

“He said she sounded weird, like something was up, and not like she was looking forward to seeing him,” a source close to the former couple tells PEOPLE.

Fallgatter’s suspicions were confirmed in a subsequent call. According to the friend, “Donny sent me a text that said, ‘Whitney got into a Survivor relationship.’ ”

Fallgatter went home to Bismarck, N.D., while Duncan moved her things out of the home they shared, which she Tweeted about on Aug. 20: “Moving furniture all day..sweeet. I’m gonna be really happy when I get a home one day and never have to move again.”

According to a clerk in the Chancery Court office, Fallgatter and Duncan’s divorce was heard and granted on Nov. 8, but until the signed papers are returned from the judge who heard the case, the divorce will not be entered into Hickman County records.

Once that’s done, Duncan will officially be the single woman she has portrayed herself to be on TV.