'Survivor' Shocker: OzzyOusted!

Photo: Monthy Brinton

Sometimes the player gets played. That’s what happened Thursday on Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites when challenge master Ozzy got completely blindsided by master schemer Cirie and became the 10th person voted out of Survivor: Micronesia.

After a reward challenge that sent Cirie to Exile island, and the team of Ozzy, Erik, Jason and Amanda to a village feast on the island of Yap, the remaining group of James, Parvati, Natalie and Alexis were left behind.

When the reunited Dabu tribe faced the individual immunity challenge, they were put on poles with one arm raised and tethered to a bucket of water. If they lowered their arms, they’d get doused with water and lose the challenge. Making it tougher, Jeff tempted the players with treats. After Ozzy succumbed to the offering of three chocolate-dipped donuts, only Parvati and Jason remained. Jason said earlier that he knew winning immunities would be the only way he could survive; however, when Jeff tempted the remaining players with an entire plate of food to share with the folks on the sidelines, Jason asked everyone to guarantee they would not vote for him if he sacrificed himself to share the food. Of course, everyone agreed — but with fingers crossed behind their backs.

Later, back at the beach, Ozzy encouraged everyone to stick to the plan and vote Jason out. But sneaky Cirie hatched a new plan and took Natalie, Alexis, and Parvati aside and told them to vote for Ozzy. Cirie reasoned that Ozzy would not expect a blindside and the hidden immunity idol that he was holding would also be taken out of the game. However, Cirie cautioned them not to tell James nor Amanda about the plan.

At tribal council, first juror Eliza watched in open-mouthed delight as the vote unfolded and in a 5-4 decision, and Ozzy was eliminated. –Cynthia Wang

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