Find Out Who America Chose to Compete on the Next Season of 'Survivor'

Twenty contestants will head to Cambodia this week to compete in the show

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America has spoken.

With more than 10 million ballots cast, fans of Survivor have selected 10 men and 10 women to head to a remote island later this week to play the game.

All of the contestants have played the game once before, but none of them have walked away with the $1 million check.

These 20 contestants will be immediately sequestered. They will speak to the media on Friday before going to Cambodia to play the game.

With no further ado, these are the contestants America chose.

The Women

Kelly Wiglesworth, the show’s very first runner-up who was ambivalent about forming an alliance and ended up losing to Richard Hatch.

Kimmi Kappenberg, a contestant in 2001’s Survivor: Australia who was voted out before the merge – but made her mark by arguing over the tribe’s chickens.

Peih Gee Law, the outspoken, opinionated jewelry designer who ended Survivor: China in fifth place.

Ciera Eastin, the aggressive player in Survivor: Blood vs. Water who actually voted out her own mom.

Abi Maria Gomes, the fifth-place villain from Survivor: Philippines.

Monica Padilla, an attorney who stood up to übervillain Russell Hantz in Survivor: Samoa – and was promptly voted out in seventh place.

Kass McQuillen, the acerbic attorney who flipped Survivor: Cagayan on its head and helped make it the best season in years.

Kelley Wentworth, a pre-merge boot from Survivor: San Jan del Sur who had a lot of game left in her.

Shirin Oskooi, the eighth-place finisher from the current season who clashed with several other contestants.

Tasha Fox, a social, strategic and physical threat who was voted out of Survivor: Cagayan in sixth place.

The Men

Jeff Varner, the Survivor: Australia 10th-place finisher with a sharp tongue and sarcastic sense of humor.

Vytas Baskauskas, the easygoing yoga instructor who who competed against his younger brother, Aras, in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Andrew Savage, the alpha male of Survivor: Pearl Islands who was voted out after the outcast twist.

Terry Deitz, the challenge beast of Survivor: Panama who won five straight immunity challenges but ended up in third place.

Stephen Fishbach, the runner-up of Survivor: Tocantins who later became a PEOPLE blogger.

Woo Hwang, the chill Survivor: Cagayan runner-up who threw away a million dollars by choosing the wrong person to take to the final two.

Joe Anglim, this season’s heartthrob who found himself on the wrong side of the numbers and ended up in 10th place.

Jeremy Collins, a strong contestant in Survivor: San Juan del Sur who was taken out early because he was a threat.

Spencer Bledsoe, a Survivor superfan who fought his way to fourth place in Cagayan.

Keith Nale the clueless fireman from Survivor: San Juan Del Sur who had never watched the game – but managed to fight his way to fourth place.

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‘s second chances season will air later this year on CBS.

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