'Survivor: Samoa' 's Yasmin Giles: 'Brett Threw Me Under the Bus'

Photo: CBS

When her tribe decided she didn’t perform around camp, Yasmin Giles, a 33-year-old hairstylist from Detroit, was the first person voted out of Galu and the fifth person ousted from Survivor: Samoa. She spoke with PEOPLE about life at Galu and wearing high heels in the jungle. — Stephen Fishbach

Did you know you were going to be voted out?Yeah, I did. Once they started to say who they thought was going home and my name came up … – I was like, “Ooh ooh.” I pretty much knew.

What were your thoughts during Tribal Council when Brett accused you of not working around camp?Use me and backstab me. The way it played on TV, it looked like I’d made no alliances. But I braided everyone’s hair. I gave them back rubs. And then I got to Tribal Council and Brett threw me under the bus. But I was offering the services that I knew. I’ve been a hairstylist my whole life. I was doing what I could.

Did you just not get along with some of the tribe? It seemed like there was a pretty clear tribe split between you, Russell and Shambo and the rest.We were fractured. It’s not that I didn’t get along with them, but we had a big age difference and some were more cliquish than others. The rest of the tribe was off spooning and I wasn’t.

Why did Russell S. choose you to visit Foa Foa?He knew that if I went over there I would get information and bring it back. Put me in a room and press play, and I’ll go all day. But if you press record, I’ll bring back everything that happened. I’ve done hair my whole life, so I’m a good listener; I’ve had to be.

Do you regret telling Foa Foa that playing against them is like “taking candy from a baby?”I regret that the speech came off so obnoxious and rude. But I’ll never regret telling the truth. It was like taking candy from a baby. We were whooping their butts.

Did you not look at all for the idol while you were there?I did! Jaison and I went off for 40 minutes. I looked, but I missed it.

Did you tell what was really happening at the Foa Foa camp? Did you compare notes with Shambo?I told them everything. Shambo and I compared notes — and what we figured out was that Ben was an idiot.

But in one of the extra scenes on the web, you seem to think Ben’s running the camp.Ben was up hammering all night. He was kicked out of a challenge; he verbally and mentally abused some of the women; he went off on a guest and he wasn’t voted out. So, it seemed to me he was running things along with Russell because he was able to stay.

Were you happy to see that Foa Foa had voted off Ben?It was the second happiest day of my life. Leaving my tribe was the first.

Did it hurt to walk in those heels?They were brutal. Those heels had a wooden bottom. But I’m a girly girl. I was happy to be in my heels. No pain, no gain.

What are you up to now? Would you do TV again?Television is my world; it’s my passion. I have some things going. This is a promise … – this will not be the last time you guys see me on TV, because it wasn’t the first. I believe television is where I belong. I’m an entertainer. When I said “the wood is not the hood,” I said that because it was cute. It was a riddle; it was a rhyme. I come from a two-parent household. I never had a drink. Whatever ghetto I rolled out of, I think more should roll out of it.


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