Meet the Cast of 'Survivor: Redemption Island'

Sixteen new contestants will compete in Nicaragua when the show returns – with new rules! – on Feb. 16

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Jeff Probst has explained the new rules about second chances and quitting for Survivor: Redemption Island – and now CBS is introducing the new cast. Well, almost: Two of the 18 contestants won’t be revealed right away because they’re previous players who will return for a chance to redeem themselves. But here are the other 16, who will be a part of two tribes – Ometepe and Zapatera – when CBS’s Survivor returns to Nicaragua for the premiere of Redemption Island on Feb. 16 (8 p.m. ET):

• Andrea Boehlke, 21, student: “I’ve been raised on a farm my whole life,” she says, “and I’ve been hunting since I was 12 and fishing and camping, so I’m not too worried about the elements.”

• Mike Chiesl, 31, former marine: “The great thing about Survivor, though, is nobody’s shooting at you,” says the Iraqi vet. “I’ll take that over going on deployment to Iraq any day.”

• Matt Elrod, 22, pre-med student: “Out here when people feel alone and isolated,” he says, “I have a warmth towards people that I think they’ll respond to and want to keep me around and probably trust me.”

• Ralph Kiser, 44, farmer: “I’ll make you laugh your ass off,” he says, “because I say things not proper.”

• Francesca Hogi, 36, attorney: “There’s a mean girl inside of me,” she says. “I terrorized some girls in elementary school.”

• Krista Klumpp, 25, pharmaceutical rep: “I competed for three years in the Miss Alabama pageant and then two years in the Miss Alabama USA pageant,” she says.

• Kristina Kell, 46, law student: “I’m a complete package,” she says.

• David Murphy, 31, defense attorney: “I think I’m going to have to start the game taking myself down a notch,” he says. “It sounds awful to say it but I’m going to have but I’m going to have to bring myself down to their level.”

• Grant Mattos, 29, yoga instructor: “[I played professional football for] the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans.”

• Stephanie Valencia, 25, waitress: “I’m always right even when I’m wrong,” she says. “I always get my way just because I know how.”

• Phillip Sheppard, 52, technology executive: “I have a terrific smile and when I really let it pop, you look at that smile and it disarms you,” he says.

• Sarita White, 36, visual effects producer: “It’s a good group,” she says of her costars, “so that of course makes me excited but also like, what’s the catch?”

• Natalie Tenerelli, 19, professional dancer: “Of course I’m going to use my girly instincts,” she says. “I can be flirtatious and I hopefully will know when to stop.”

• Julie Wolfe, 50, firefighter: “I’m newly divorced. I have 100 percent custody for two children and I’m paying alimony, I’m paying child support and my house is in foreclosure,” she says.

• Ashley Underwood, 25, nurse: “I really think pageants get a bad rap sometimes,” she says, “but in all honesty, it really takes a lot of mental toughness.”

• Steve Wright, 51, former NFL player: “I played for the Cowboys, the Baltimore Colts, the Indianapolis Colts, the Los Angeles Raiders,” he says.

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