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Although Day 31 began with love and even lust (thanks, Taj and Eddie!), Day 32 saw Debbie throw Coach under the bus. After loudly declaring her loyalty to JT and Stephen, suggesting to vote off Coach and even vowing to give them an immunity idol she didn’t have, Debbie Beebe, a 46-year-old middle school principal from Auburn, Ala., became the fourth member of the jury and the 11th person cast out of Survivor: Tocantins.

Sierra’s Gone, But… Although Coach and Debbie should have been happy their nemesis Sierra got the boot, Coach decided to stew instead about Erinn writing Stephen’s name down and Taj voting against Debbie. Later, while reclining in a chair like a pampered warlord, he muttered, “Cowards, cowards, cowards, all around me.” His complaining ended up getting on his sole ally Debbie’s nerves. Debbie then went to JT and Stephen to suggest voting him out. A skeptical JT observed, “Debbie is playing a ‘strategical’ game.” Doing Her Bidding: Really, the worst food they could come up with at the Survivor Auction was grilled chicken hearts? Oh, Survivor, you’ve gone soft! Fortunately the last item up for bid was more tempting than anything edible … a cell phone with a video from a loved one. Without prompting, most of the contestants started forking over cash to an emotional Taj. Explained Erinn, “Debbie has kids but Taj left a little baby at home.” Taj nearly tore Jeff Probst’s arm off when she figured out her husband said, “I’ll see you back at camp.” When Jeff asked if she was willing to go to Exile with Eddie so that the others would get to see their loved ones back at camp, Taj immediately said, “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” to the raucous cheers of her tribemates.

Family Time: At Exile, Taj rushed to her husband, NFL great Eddie George, who marveled at her weight loss and well-being. Gushed Taj about seeing Eddie, “I just wanted to take him to the side and have a conjugal visit.” Woo hoo! In return, Eddie remarked, “There is something about the wild that makes you sexy. It’s a turn on.” At Forza, Stephen shared a deep hug with his brother, Erinn proved to her dad she could tough it out, Debbie told her husband she was a stronger woman, JT learned from his sister that his family and their cows missed him, and Coach? Well naturally he had his assistant coach crack his back. But after the warm fuzziness of family ended, though, Debbie got back to business, hustling JT and Stephen for their support. Stephen told JT and Erinn, “She’s a seriously threatening player.” Erinn added, “Do not let her win immunity.”

Down and Out: At the challenge, Stephen fared poorly going through obstacles to the point where he seemed completely out of contention, but in a task where they had to memorize a long spinning sequence of symbols, race back and apply the symbols to solve a math problem, Stephen outdid them all by tackling the memorization in one fell swoop and winning immunity, which led to a Jalapao celebration back at camp. At tribal council, Coach revealed that he and Debbie had paired up on Day 3 “because I knew she would never lie to me no matter what.” It was greatly amusing, then, to watch Coach’s face when he realized Debbie wrote his name down since the others clearly voted her out. –Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Would Debbie have stayed around longer if she just laid low? Will next week be the last for Coach?

Monty Brinton/CBS