'Survivor' : Ozzy's FalseIdol

Photo: Monthy Brinton

The fourth installment of Survivor: Micronesia heated up as players on both the fans and the favorites teams put sneaky strategies to work.

The afternoon before the fans are sent to Tribal Council, after loosing the second challenge, the newcomers stepped up their game. Mikey made a sly plea to align with Joel in order to get weak link Chet out. The cunning Tracy formed an alliance with Kathy and Chet and played with Joel’s head by telling him that he’s backing down to Mikey in order to get Chet to stay in the game. She suggested voting Mikey off in order to keep Joel in the driver’s seat. In the end Mikey went home.

Back in the favorites camp Cirie and Jonathan continued to battle it out and both agreed that neither one can be trusted. Eliza‘s sickness made the favorites quickly forget about the drama Cirie caused and the team wrestled with notion that they made a mistake in getting rid of Yau-Man last week and not Eliza. Meanwhile, sick Eliza worked to redirect the negative energy onto Jonathan by making the claim that someone who can’t be trusted is worse than someone who is momentarily weak.

But the real underhandedness happened after the favorites won the first challenge. Fan Kathy is off to Exile Island again, but this time she is sent to seclusion with Ozzy. She is so disheartened that she’s back in exile that she doesn’t put any effort into finding the idol. That leaves a determined Ozzy to search for the idol and pull a fast one. When he finds it, he tucks it away in his bag and then creates a fake idol to replace it, hoping that someone else will find the faux statue and try to play it.

Tells us: Which survivor had the best strategy? Will Ozzy’s false idol ever surface?Monthy Brinton

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