Jenn Brown: Some of the 'Survivor' Contestants 'Acted Like Children'

The latest castoff explains why she wasn't unhappy to be voted off

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Before the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart, host Jeff Probst promised PEOPLE that they had assembled one of the strongest casts in the show’s 30-season run.

While that may be true, it’s also one of the meanest casts ever. Arguments are common on Survivor, but this season is full of vicious personal attacks.

The result: a sharply divided fanbase. In Previously on Survivor, one of the show’s largest Facebook groups, some fans love the season.

Others do not.

As two-time contestant Rob Cesternino tells PEOPLE: “Survivor is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.”

So what does this have to do with Jenn Brown, the latest contestant voted off Survivor? As one of the more laid back contestants, the 23-year-old sailing instructor mentally checked out after her friend Hali Ford was voted off.

By the time she was voted off on Day 27, Brown was happy get away from the people who were making her life miserable.

Brown tells PEOPLE what went wrong this season – and how difficult this cast can be.

Let’s cut to the chase. You really looked miserable out there near the end.
People weren’t talking to us No Collars, but they were arguing all the time. When I’d hear people screaming, I’d walk away. They acted like children. I had a little cave that I sat in all day. One day, I stood in the river and watched monkeys playing for like four hours.

It seemed to fall apart after Hali was voted off.
Before the tribes were switched up, it was bliss on the No Collar tribe. We didn’t fight; we didn’t strategize. It was a blast. And then it all changed, and it just got ugly.

You didn’t like Shirin at first, and then grew to be her friend. Why?
After the tribe swap, she and Max talked about the game constantly, and I was like, ‘guys, give us a break!’ But then she calmed down, and I saw what a great person she really is.

Why did people dislike her so much?
Everyone hated her, and there was no basis for it. I can’t understand why she was treated the way that she was.

Will really let her have it during the last episode.
I wasn’t there; I was hiding in my cave. I didn’t realize how bad it was. Shirin came over and started to cry. Over the course of the day, I found out what he had said – and that he meant it wholeheartedly. I was shocked at how vicious he got. It was awful.

Had he blown up like that before?
No! Will had been the nicest human being to me during the game, even though we weren’t on the same alliance. Here’s the thing: He was mad that Mike, Shirin and I had questioned whether he was hiding food. He came up to me and was like, ‘I love you and I respect you,’ and we talked it out. And then he let Shirin have it. To this day, I don’t understand it.

You also have Rodney on the tribe. What’s he like?
He’s slightly misogynistic, but he’s a good guy. He talks about getting chicks and having a good time. Whatever. He’s 24 and from Boston – every dude is like that. If you’re acting like that when you’re in your 50s, DAN, then you have a problem.

Not a fan of Dan?
We kept saying to Dan that he was on the bottom of the alliance, and that he’s going home 6th or 7th. And he’d say, ‘I’d rather go home in 7th place than to play with you.’ The way he talks…

In your final words, you blasted Sierra and said that she ‘sucks.’ Why?
I’ve apologized to her; Sierra doesn’t suck. But I was upset at her for not coming to Shirin’s defense when Will was yelling at her. She regrets it now. I also didn’t think she was playing the game. She knew she was on the bottom of her alliance, which was with people she hated. She wouldn’t come over with us, even though we would have given her at least final four.”

Now Jeff Probst says this is a fantastic cast.
There are a lot of big male characters, which is important to Jeff for some reason.

Mike and Shirin both voted for you, even though you were aligned. Why?
I told them to. It was the way to make sure I went, rather than Shirin going. She wanted to be there so much; I didn’t want to be there as much.

So was there anything fun out there?
Of course. Nighttime was fun. At night, there weren’t many crew members around, and we talked about our lives, not about the game. We would joke, and make fun of the crew members, and just have a good time. It was a great experience that no one will ever get to see.

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