'Survivor' Winner Kim Spradlin Weds in Mexico

The bridal shop owner ties the knot with Bryan Wolfe on a private beach in Cabo San Lucas

Photo: Jen Simon/Fondly Forever Photography

Kim Spradlin has a lot of great memories from the beach.

In 2012, she spent 39 days on a beach in Samoa, outwitting her way to the million-dollar prize on Survivor: One World.

And on Saturday, she got an even better prize when she married fiancé Bryan Wolfe on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Surrounded by approximately 30 guests, Spradlin exchanged vows in a casual, boho-chic ceremony.

“We chose a private beach near our hotel,” Spradlin tells PEOPLE. “It’s by a cove. I just wanted it to feel very organic and natural.”

As owner of Bella Bridesmaid in San Antonio, Spradlin had thousands of dresses to choose from. Unable to select just one, she brought two dresses along for the ceremony.

“I really couldn’t decide which one to wear,” she says. “They’re both beautiful.” On the day of the wedding, she chose to wear a reworked Catherine Deanne gown. She was barefoot during the ceremony.

“It fits with the vibe of Cabo,” she says, “and what I wanted for the wedding.”

Her hair and makeup were done by Survivor castmate Alicia Rosa. The groom wore a purple linen Cuban shirt.

In her day job, Spradlin has seen other weddings spiral out of control, and was determined not to fall into the same trap.

“A wedding is supposed to be a celebration with the people who are closest to you,” she says. “I’m so laid back. I wasn’t locked into a white dress or a big ceremony. If it had been important to Bryan, of course I was willing to have a big traditional wedding. But he didn’t care, and neither did I. We just wanted to be surrounded by family and a handful of friends for something intimate and special.”

On the night before the wedding, Spradlin and her bridesmaids went on a catamaran charter.

“Well, they’re not exactly bridesmaids because they’re not wearing matching dresses,” she says, “but they might as well be. Obviously, I wanted to include my sister, Beth, and my best friend, Cayce. And I also wanted to include some of the girls from Survivor.”

Yes, even though she voted them off, she felt comfortable having her fellow contestants at the ceremony – both Rosa and Kat Edorsson attended.

“I walked away from the show feeling very close to everybody,” says Spradlin. “I got especially close to these girls, and I couldn’t imagine not inviting them to my wedding.”

She also invited third-place Chelsea Meissner, but she was unable to attend.

“I can’t believe I’m on the beach again with Kim,” Alicia Rosa tells PEOPLE. “I haven’t been so happy for her since the day she won the million dollars Everything about this weekend had Kim written all over it.”

The reception was held beachside at La Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, where guests ate sea bass and ceviche by a roaring campfire.

“I wanted the whole thing to feel like a really cool party. I didn’t want people to sit down and feel like they had to mind their p’s and q’s. So I got a cool band and lanterns, and we just spent the day with people who are important to us,” says Spradlin, who plans to honeymoon in Paris in August or September. “I am so happy that I could be surrounded by the people I love.”

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