August 17, 2016 04:55 PM

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The full cast for season 33 – not a typo – of Survivor can now be officially revealed, along with some fresh intel on twists and what to expect when CBS’ Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X premieres with a special 90-minute edition on Sept. 21.

As for the cast, while six players were already revealed when the first teaser clip was shown at the end of the Kaoh Rong finale, we now have the full list of 20 contestants, which includes a homeless shelter manager, a missionary recruiter and a high school student who became the youngest Survivor player ever.

According to host Jeff Probst, separating the tribes along generational lines will pay huge dramatic dividends. “I found the collision of cultures one of the best themes we’ve ever done,” the host told Entertainment Weekly while on location in Fiji after filming ended. “And I do think when you watch it, you’ll relate to somebody and you’ll go, “I would do that,” or “I would hate that guy if he did that to me.”

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X cast
Monty Brinton/CBS

Of course, the cast is not the only thing that’s different. There will be a new twist in play when it comes to hidden immunity idols that this time will be hidden in plain sight.

“One of my favorite twists is what we do with the idols,” says Probst. “Somebody had an idea on how to hide idols in nature and it’s brilliant. And it’s really fun because you’re going to get a clue and it’s gonna say, yes, there’s an idol somewhere down here amongst these shells. Good luck. And you’re gonna look out on a beach full of shells and you will not be able to figure out which one has it. How could a shell possibly have an idol? You just gotta work. You gotta think.”

Probst says it is exactly the type of adventure that should get viewers of all ages excited. “It’s going to be so fun for the audience because it triggers that desire to play. You’re going to find yourself going, ‘Oh my God! That looks so fun to do that!’ And that’s what we’re always striving to do – to not only appeal to the 40-year-old dad, but the 10-year-old son who’s going, ‘Dad, do you think it will still be on when I’m 18?’ Maybe.”

And once again, Mother Nature will come into play. While the milder temperatures of Fiji mean you will not have a season-long assault as in Cambodia for Kaoh Rong, expect a big event that Probst is billing as a first for the show.

“Fortunately, we do not have the same kind of weather that we had in Cambodia,” says the host. “But I will tease you that early on, believe it or not, weather does play a part in the show, and you will see the part it plays, and it’s a first. And it was scary. But it works out all right.”

Check out EW‘s exclusive video interview with Probst and meet all the players!

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