'Survivor: Micronesia' 's Cirie Sends Yau-ManPacking

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS>

Last night the favorites once again showed their overall strategy is based on getting rid of the weakest link, which set up the dependable but small Yau-Man for getting his fire snubbed out in only the third episode. After strong bonds were formed between Amanda, Ozzy, Parvati, and James in one alliance, and with Amy, Yau-Man, Eliza, and Jonathan in another, Cirie was left out on her own and as a much needed deciding factor for either group.

The quick-tongued Jonathan, who’d pricked Cirie with the idea of aligning last week, seemed secure in his ability to solidly convince her to stick with his crew for good. But after chatting with power players Amanda and Parvati, Cirie, much to Jonathan’s dismay, decided to properly align with the more attractive crowd.

On the fans camp, Mikey and Joel continued to battle out the big man on campus role while Kathy ended up on Exile Island again, but this time with Amy. After a horrible sleepless night, with still no good shelter built and the rain pouring down, the fans were able to pull out their second win forcing the favorites to head to Tribal Council.

Tell us: Did Cirie make the right decision? Will she and Jonathan ever be able to make peace back at camp?

Monty Brinton/CBS>

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