The season's first to go describes the injury that sent her packing
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

She didn’t even get to snuff her torch.

After breaking her wrist during the first immunity challenge of Survivor: One World, Kourtney Moon, 29, was eliminated by default Wednesday – but not before a dramatic tribal council where her entirely female team imploded with drama.

Moon, who is now home to Austin where she repairs motorcycles, spoke to PEOPLE Thursday about healing her body and ego, the catty dynamics of her tribe mates and what it was like sharing a campsite with the men’s tribe.

Has your wrist completely healed?
For the most part it did but it is not quite back to the way it was. It’s always going to be a little off. I can’t believe how much I was smiling when it happened because it was really painful. I was proud I didn’t cry on national television.

Did you know you had broken your wrist when you landed on the net?
I heard the crack – I heard it in my body – but since I had never had a broken bone I thought maybe I just popped something. It wasn’t until I rolled down the [second] part of the net and saw my hand dangling that [I knew something was wrong]. I walked over to Sabrina and said, “I think I broke my wrist.” But she was cheering so I don’t think she understood. We were all so hopped up on adrenaline.

The One World twist had you living along side the men’s tribe. How was that?
The most frustrating aspect of that was finding a decent place to use the bathroom. Somebody was always somewhere. It was a very small camp with two tribes.

And they stole some of your supplies!
Maybe I’m old-fashioned but it wasn’t a very gentlemanly thing to do. I know they didn’t come to the game to be gentlemen but come on! They already had a leg up with their brawny muscles so they were already going to be able to build a shelter easier. [That axe] was going to even things out for us and they stripped that away.

Did you like being on a tribe of all women?
I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never meshed well with the popular girls. Most of my friends are men and the ones that are women are typically rough around the edges. I’m not the most athletic or the girl-next-door or the cheerleader type so it was kind of intimidating.

There was a lot of infighting between the women at tribal.
Some of the girls with the stronger personalities were just rubbing each other the wrong way. Christina was frustrated that the other girls weren’t carrying their weight and just going [over to the guys] and flirting and I think Alicia was annoyed because she saw that Christina was being assertive and Alicia wanted [to be the center] of attention.

What did your son think of you on the show?
He’s just seven so he was just really excited that Mommy was on TV. He’s still trying to understand the concept and why I did the things that I did.

You mentioned on the show you wanted to make him proud.
I want to be the best example I can be for my son. I just want to teach him independence and to take healthy risks. I did it for him. I know I did it for the right reasons.