Source: Kelly Wiglesworth/Instagram
August 12, 2016 03:05 PM

One of Survivor‘s all-time fan favorites is gearing up for a comeback – but this time, he left the island on his own terms.

Joe Anglim, who competed on Worlds Apart and Second Chance – he was voted off both times after being perceived as a physical threat – just returned from two months shooting a new reality series in Maui alongside fellow competitor Kelly Wiglesworth.

“We’ve been adventuring,” Anglim, 27, said at Thursday’s PEOPLE VIP reception for the Hearts of Reality event in Orlando benefiting Give Kids the World. “We want to inspire people, we want to help people. It’s a new type of TV. It’s from the heart. Survivor has given us a lot, and now we want to give back.”

Fans “are going to see a very intimate side of our lives, taking a journey with us on how I’ve used the experience of being on Survivor to empower me,” the jewelry designer says of his new show, which is set to launch online in the next month.

“It’s very spiritual. We’re trying to really inspire people to get outside of their comfort zones,” says Anglim. “I’m trying to share what I believe to be true. Life is amazing when you tap into it, when you let go, when you really understand what’s important, and that’s what myself and Kelly really learned. Survivor puts you in an environment completely out of your control, so you have to learn how to react. Our entire life is one big reaction, and you have to learn how to control it. You need to learn how to own your actions and be responsible for your actions. The only thing you can ultimately control is that.

He added, “I want people to experience what I got a taste of on Survivor. You’ve got to put yourself out there. You’ve got to take risks.”

Does that mean he would return to the series and try for a win at some point?

“The last two years of my life I’ve really let go and said, ‘I want to be a yes man,’ ” he says. “This is only going to happen once. So I’m living in the now.”

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