'Survivor' Favorites Joe Anglim & Kelly Wiglesworth Get Naked (Except a Little Body Paint!)

The reality stars bare all for a tribal-inspired shoot to promote their new show, Mana

Survivor fans, prepare to see a new side — actually, let’s make that all sides — of Joe Anglim and Kelly Wiglesworth!

The fan-favorites have shared an exclusive (and semi-NSFW) behind-the-scenes video with PEOPLE that shows them getting in touch with their primal selves as they stripped naked and donned body paint for their new reality project Mana.

Anglim and Wiglesworth enlisted the help of renowned body paint artist Paul Roustan to give them a tribal look as they posed in a jungle environment.

“Doing the body painting felt incredibly freeing,” Wiglesworth tells PEOPLE. “It allowed us to tap into and become our true primal selves! Connecting to our personal power – our MANA – and we wanted to show that we’re not afraid to put ourselves out there and try new things!”

Adds Anglim, “It was a beautiful and inspired collaboration of mind, body and soul. I’ve been a fan of Paul’s work for quite some time, and now I have an even greater respect for him as a husband, father and artist. As a fellow artist, it’s very rare that I get to be on the other end of the paint brush, and this experience gave me such a deeper appreciation for every part of the artistic process.”


The artist, Paul Roustan, also explained the process. “My favorite body paintings are concepts that say something about the people being painted,” he tells PEOPLE. “And one of my top motivators is having as much fun as possible. The thought of painting a tribal theme on two veteran Survivor castaways and stomping around with them in an uninhabited environment simply got me going.”

So why did Anglim and Wiglesworth decide to bare all?

“We want to connect with artists and other people and communities who are changing the world in a positive way,” says Wiglesworth. “We want to help share their story and make good TV about building people up, not tearing people down.”

Anglim agrees: “All of us are creators and artists and our Mana is our fire. We want you to ignite this fire and continue to fuel it and maximize it to your absolute fullest. It is here in this collaboration and collective movement of MANA where we have the opportunity to make real positive change for our own lives, those around us and for future generations.”

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