By People Staff
Updated February 15, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Somebody has to go first on Survivor and this season that somebody was 29-year-old Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, a Gabon veteran, model and actress known as much for her emotional antics as her animal prints. The first fallen Hero chatted with about second chances, tricky puzzles, and dashing sans her dainties. — Carrie Bell

Is it less embarrassing to be voted out first from an all-star season than from a regular Survivor season?Yeah. Surely that’s true. It was an honor to have been asked to go at all. These are all-star players and many of them were winners so it felt good that CBS wanted me back, but I was scared to death of them. I threw myself a death-day party last night to celebrate. I was kind of glad to go because it was really, really rough.

At least, thanks to the topless point you earned in the reward challenge and the double bird you flipped, you won’t be forgotten.Thank you, Sandra, for that extra airtime! I felt her unhooking it and said, “Don’t undo my bra, bitch!” And she was like, “I’m a villain. Ha.” She thought she had me, so I rolled out and ran. She didn’t see that coming. I had a momentary lapse of insanity and I double-flipped and shook my boobs. Then I thought I was going to throw up because the adrenaline rush hit me, like, ‘What did I just do?’

In your closing interview, you said the Heroes probably made the right decision. Why?Well, ’cause had I stuck around, I might have done some damage. What? No, not really. I could have made it to the end because you never know what’ll happen in this game but probably not. I was on the chopping block and they needed to get rid of somebody. I figured I’d be out in the first three from the time I signed up.

The Heroes had a great breakfast, an early win and a big advantage in the boat section of the immunity challenge. Was the puzzle really that hard?Definitely too many cooks in the kitchen. A lot of the time, I was looking on the ground because I thought we must be missing a piece. It was a tricky puzzle. The thing that looked like the bottom was supposed to be the top and it was upside down or something like that so we failed.

Why come back to play this game again? I’m obviously not all together. I’m pretty sure that anyone who plays more than once is half insane. I learned my lesson. There will be no third time for Sugar. I have seen both ends of the rainbow. I have been almost a winner and the biggest loser in a really cool season.

How was it different the second time? You have no idea what to physically prepare yourself for and the elements were a million times worse this time. I knew I was up against giants in terms of the players. I went in this time trying to win, which didn’t help me, and I wanted to prove I could play in the challenges and that I’m helpful in camp so they’d think there was a reason to keep me around. That didn’t work either.

You certainly stayed true to form by crying and by looking for a big strong “protector.”I can’t control my emotions despite trying hard. When we lost immunity, I thought, “One of us is dying and I’m pretty sure it’s me.” It’s funny they made it look like I was chasing Colby. I’m not even attracted to him. I actually had a crush on JT, which they showed none of.

What about the flirting between Jerri and Coach? I Twittered a couple hours ago that I got my invitation to Coach and Jerri’s wedding and my Twitter blew up with questions.

You brought your dad’s ashes to Samoa. Why?Every time my siblings or I go on a trip we take a little bit of dad with us. He was a sailor who liked to travel so we drop a little bit of him everywhere we go.

What’s going on in your real life?I have a band, She Loves Betty White. I play the drums and sing. I got cast as Magenta in an upcoming LA run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m in a video game coming out this summer. Working title is LA Noir. I’m auditioning and back to square one. People know who I am, but I still drive the crappiest car.

Monty Brinton/CBS