May 18, 2017 04:07 PM


Andrea Boehlke has no hard feelings when it comes to being voted out on Wednesday’s Survivor.

“It was a good move,” the PEOPLE Now host told her co-host Jeremy Parsons Thursday while discussing how she was victim of a surprise elimination on the CBS reality competition.

“It was a blindside because you have to take the paranoia and push it away for the time being and that’s what I did and then I was kind of shocked,” she added.

Boehlke, 28, learned a lot about her tribe’s dynamics watching the show at home but still doesn’t think there was much she could have done to change her fate in the game.

“I think I would have pushed to get Sarah out a little more and been a little more aggressive, but I think I was pretty much doomed anyway because Cirie [Field] wanted to go with Sarah [Lacina] and take her to the end, so I think that no matter what I was gonna be going home.”

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This was Boehlke’s third time playing Survivor.

“I only 21 when I first played. I was just an infant,” she said. “I spent my entire 20s on Survivor, so I think fans have seen me grow up a bit.”

But despite her wisdom from playing multiple times, Boehlke is not sure she could ever make it to the end of the competition.

“I think because I did so well at challenges, I think I can only go so far in the game and then people want me out,” she says.

As for competing for a fourth time, she’s not planning on doing that any time soon.

“I’m not saying a definitive no,” she tells PEOPLE. “But I need a few years to recover from this time before I even think about it.”

Survivor: Game Changers wraps up next Wednesdays starting at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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