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January 27, 2016 10:30 AM

Okay, let’s take a quiz.

You’ve just competed on a wildly successful season of Survivor. You’ve either won the game, or you’ve emerged as one of the fan favorites.

What’s your next move?

Well, if you’re winner Jeremy Collins or standout contestant Joe Anglim, you land a guest starring role on The Young and the Restless.

On Wednesday’s episode of the long-running soap opera, the reality stars will play coffee shop patrons. They filmed their scenes in December with series star Joshua Morrow, who happens to be a huge fan of Survivor.

PEOPLE spoke with Morrow, Anglim and Collins about the episode – and how Morrow would do if he ever competed on Survivor.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance's Joe Anglim and Jeremy Collins with Joshua Morrow of The Young and the Restless (center)
Monty Brinton/CBS

So, Joshua, you’re a big fan of Survivor
Morrow: Correction: I’m the biggest Survivor fan in the world.

Okay, fair enough. So who did you want to win last season? Jeremy, Joe or someone else?
Morrow: I was rooting for Jeremy the whole season. I loved the way he played last time and felt like he deserved it. He played a great, great game. I was amazed at how powerful he was in the game but was getting surprisingly few votes. The other players messed up and should have given him more attention. On the other hand, Joe was just a beast. He’s an awesome guy, but I knew in my heart he couldn’t win. He was just too good at the challenges and in the game. Survivor tends to get rid of the heroes early, and Joe was doomed. As soon as he lost, he had to go. I met them both and as a fan. I could not be more impressed with either of them. They are just two super quality humans!

What a diplomatic answer. Would you ever be interested in playing the game for yourself?
Morrow: I am dying to play Survivor. I am the most competitive person I know and am dying for the challenge. Its an incredible test of strength and will, both mentally and physically. I lie awake at night wondering if I could hack it. My dream is to try, but I am afraid that dream will never come.

Joe, if you were on a season of Survivor with Joshua Morrow, would you align with him or vote him off immediately?
Anglim: [Laughs] Well, being that Josh is a big fan and the fact that he is super athletic, you can be sure I would keep him around as long as possible! [Ed. note: We think Joe is lying.]

So which is harder: balancing an immunity idol on a tall pole, or trying to remember soap opera lines?
Anglim: Stick and poles may break my bones, but lines will never hurt me. That challenge broke me, so a hot cup of joe and soap opera lines were a little easier.

Joshua Morrow, Joe Anglim and Jeremy Collins on The Young and the Restless
Monty Brinton/CBS

Jeremy, you’re a firefighter in Massachusetts. What do you think the reaction around the station will be that you were on a soap opera?
Collins: I am trying to spread that I am on a soap opera to as many people as I can without it getting back to a single Cambridge firefighter! I’m just waiting for the backlash when I go to work after it airs. They are going to destroy me!

Indeed. So which food was better? The catering on the set, or reward challenge food on Survivor?
Collins: [Laughs] I honestly don’t remember seeing any food on the set! But nothing can compare to some of those food rewards!

So which is more nerve-racking? Tribal council or trying to remember your soap opera lines?
Collins: Tribal council is one of the most nerve-racking moments of my life, but trying not to ruin a scene with Joshua Morrow and Joe Anglim is a close second!

Joe Anglim and Jeremy Collins on The Young and the Restless
Monty Brinton/CBS

Joshua, how is The Young and the Restless set similar to Survivor? Is there backstabbing?
Morrow: There are zero similarities between The Young and the Restless and Survivor. We’re a total team sport. You can be great at your job, but you need lots of other people to be amazing for the show to really fly and it does! We are a well-oiled machine filled with talented people!

So, Joe, if The Young and the Restless offered you a regular role but wanted you to cut your hair, would you do it?
Anglim: Well, am I going to be the character that gets killed off in episode 4? Or is this a long term role? [Laughs]

Either way.
Anglim: Truthfully, I plan on eventually cutting it and raising money to help support Phoenix Children’s Hospital and several other pediatric charities I’m involved with, including Cheer 4 Your Life and Give Kids the World. So I’d definitely consider it!

The Young and the Restless airs Wednesday at noon ET on CBS.

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