June 16, 2015 01:55 PM

Someone forgot to tell Misha Collins that he doesn’t actually have wings.

The Supernatural star rappelled down the side of a 17-story building on Monday with an expression that appeared to be equal parts grinning delight and screaming terror – all in the name of charity.

Collins Tweeted prior to his adventure, joking that the endeavor was a “terrible idea.”

He also clarified his facial expression: “That’s the look I have when I’m pooping in my pants.”

(In that case, we give him all the credit in the world for going hands-free! Charity counts more when you’re out-of-your-mind terrified, right?)

Collins, 40, performed the death-defying stunt for Shatterproof, a charity that aims to destigmatize drug and alcohol addiction by raising money and awareness for the epidemic.

The actor was among more than 90 adventure-seekers who participated in the national Shatterproof Rappelling Challenge, organized to spark conversation about addiction. To follow in Collins’ footprints – which have already been left on the side of the Marriott Irvine in Orange County, California – the nonprofit organization is holding another challenge in Pittsburgh on June 24 and New Jersey on July 14.

Misha Collins

To register, click here – all you have to do is commit to raising $1,000 for the charity, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward activating state-level advocacy campaigns, increasing access to information, educating the general public about the general impact of addiction and more charitable efforts.

As of this writing, Collins has raised nearly $11,000 for the charity. “I have lost close friends to addiction,” he wrote on his fundraising page. “I know many more who struggle with it. It is not a hopeless cause. So much can be done with the right support.”

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