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Childcare specialist Deborah Tillman will star in Lifetime's new series, America's Supernanny

October 06, 2011 01:45 PM

Unruly children – beware! And struggling parents – help is on the way! Meet the star of America’s Supernanny.

Childcare specialist Deborah Tillman is Lifetime’s choice to be the face of their new show, set to premiere Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. ET.

“I feel blessed and privileged that I have been chosen to do exactly what I was put on earth to do,” the Virginia-based mother-of-one said in a statement, “and that is to help children and families come together, get it together and stay together.”

On America’s Supernanny, which has a similar format to Brit Jo Frost’s ABC show, Tillman will hit the homefront to help parents who need an extra push when it comes to dealing with temper tantrums, timeouts and the trials and tribulations in between.

“Her passion for helping families is incredible,” executive producer Nick Emmerson said in a statement.

It’s a passion that was put to the test in 1992, when Tillman quit her job as an accountant to start a home-based school for her son and other people’s children. Now, she owns multiple learning centers in Virginia.

“Deborah’s life story is truly inspiring,” Emmerson said. “As America’s Supernanny, she is going to take on whatever parenting problems come her way.”

America's Supernanny
Scott Gries for Lifetime Televison

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