The new truTV series helps celebrities explore their hidden passions
Kesha and Kevin Pereira in Super Into.
Credit: Courtesy truTV

What do stars like Kesha and Michelle Rodriguez do in their downtime?

The exclusive trailer for Super Into, an upcoming truTV series documenting the hidden passions of celebrities, helps answer that question.

In the trailer, host Kevin Pereira is surprised that when Kesha wanted to meet him “at a pool,” she actually means a tide pool – where they go to observe sea life and swim with an octopus.

In another segment, Pereira meets up with Rodriguez to talk motorcycles as the adrenaline junky Fast and Furious star tells him how serious she is about her ride.

“I take it seriously. I treat this like a gun,” she says.

Nick Young shows off his massive sneakers collection, while Margaret Cho boasts that her love of marijuana runs so deep, that there is a strain of weed named for her.

Super Into premieres Monday at 10:30pm ET on truTV.