The "Old Town Road" rapper duels over Doritos with the 75-year-old actor

By Sophie Dodd
February 02, 2020 11:33 PM

Lil Nas X is taking his horse to the Old Cool Ranch.

The Grammy-winning “Old Town Road” rapper faced off against A Star Is Born’s Sam Elliott in an epic duel-turned-dance-off during Doritos’ Super Bowl 2020 commercial on Sunday night.

Elliott, who featured in a teaser ad earlier this week that saw him performing a dramatic monologue of the lyrics to “Old Town Road” in an old-timey Western saloon, delighted fans with some shockingly agile dance moves during the prime-time spot.

Credit: Doritos

The ad sees the 20-year-old rapper ride onto the ranch on horseback (wearing a matte black hat with the boots that’s black to match, of course), until he can’t no more, since Elliott is standing in his way.

After he dismounts, the pair begin dueling over Doritos — a beautiful blue bag of Cool Ranch, to be specific.

“Make your move, cowboy,” says a smirking Elliott.

Nas responds by rolling his arms in a wave-like motion, which Elliott perfectly imitates using nothing but his mustache.

Trying to cover up his shock, Nas dips into a split while the line “Riding on a horse, ha!” plays in the background. 75-year-old Elliott responds with some fancy footwork of his own, including playfully smacking his butt.

Credit: Doritos
Credit: Doritos

Ultimately, it’s Nas who takes home the flavorful prize, which he munches on as he rides off into the valley.

Making a brief cameo at the end of the spot is a guitar-strumming Billy Ray Cyrus. “I ain’t dancin’,” says Cyrus, whose verse helped catapult the record-breaking song to the top of the charts, where it remained for 17 weeks.