Every Single Super Bowl 2020 Celebrity Commercial You Need to See — So Far

Whether you like football or not, these ads are worth watching Super Bowl LIV for

With this year’s Super Bowl LIV commercials costing brands more than $5 million a pop for 30-second spots, the competition is particularly fierce. Snack and soda brands have a heavy hand in the mix, with car commercials taking up their own lane as well. Whether your team wins or loses the big game, these star-studded, mostly humorous ads are sure to entertain.

Pepsi: Missy Elliott & H.E.R.

Pepsi set the bar high with Cardi B‘s spot last year, and to say they delivered with this Missy Elliott and H.E.R. remix of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” would be an understatement. The ad sees H.E.R. leave behind a red-and-white scene (seemingly a shady nod to the competition, Coca-Cola) and burst into a new world that’s painted black — just like the new Pepsi Zero Sugar can — where Elliott lays down a verse. The powerhouse duo’s take on the classic rock song is immensely catchy, and if isn’t streaming post-Super Bowl, I’m switching to Coke.

Doritos: Sam Elliott

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” became an instant viral hit, thanks largely to the track’s delightfully meme-able, sound bite-like lyrics. But have you ever really paid attention to what they’re saying? What’s so funny about “riding on a horse?” Absolutely nothing, according to Sam Elliott, who stars in this masterpiece of a Doritos spot, which features the A Star Is Born actor giving an epic dramatic reading of Nas’ lyrics in an old-timey Western saloon.

Doritos: Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X himself rides in on the heels (spurs?) of Elliott’s monologue, mean-mugging as he arrives at The Cool Ranch on horseback to prepare for a duel.

Doritos: Post Malone

This one’s sure to have you sayin’ “Wow”: Doritos is going big this year, with another spot featuring Post Malone — or should we say, Post Limón — which sees him honoring his love of the brand’s Flamin’ Hot Limon chips with a new face tat.

Bud Light: Post Malone

The singer also stars in Bud Light’s spots, trying out the new Bud Light Seltzer in an ad that has him doing some action work. “I f—ing love Bud Light so much. I’ve been drinking it since the legal age of 21,” Malone told PEOPLE exclusively on the set of the shoot. “I never thought I’d be in a commercial, but I guess people wanted me to be in a commercial, so I’ll be in a commercial.”

Cheetos: M.C. Hammer

After 11 years, Cheetos is making a major comeback to the Super Bowl commercial scene, where it will debut its newest product, Cheetos popcorn. M.C. Hammer features in the ad, which riffs on the lyrics of his mega-hit song, “U Can’t Touch This.” As all Cheetos lovers know, “cheetle” (believe it or not, that’s the official brand name for the orange powder that sticks to your fingers while eating the snack) makes it difficult to touch anything without making a mess — which, as it turns out, is a pretty convenient excuse when it comes to getting out of chores.

Mountain Dew: Bryan Cranston & Tracee Ellis Ross

Heeeeere’s Mountain Dew Zero! We’re not sure we’ll ever recover from the visual of seeing Bryan Cranston dressed as The Grady Twins, but we digress. Mountain Dew’s ad for the new zero sugar soda sees the Breaking Bad actor recreate Jack Nicholson’s terrifying scenes from The Shining in order to break into the bathroom where his wife (played by Tracee Ellis Ross) is traumatized and, apparently, dehydrated.

Olay: Busy Philipps, Lilly Singh, Taraji P. Henson, Katie Couric & Nicole Stott

Olay is bringing a commercial with a cause to this year’s star-studded Super Bowl lineup. Their spot, which promotes cult-favorite Olay Regenerist moisturizer, sees Busy Philipps and comedian Lilly Singh join astronaut Nicole Stott as they take off in search of more “space for women” in, well, space. Katie Couric appears as herself and Taraji P. Henson shines as a Mission Control commander, while Philipps and Singh inform us that for every tweet tagging @OlaySkin and including the hashtag #MakeSpaceForWomen, the brand will donate $1 to Girls Who Code.

Genesis: Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

The power couple flexes their comedy chops in the luxury car brand’s first-ever Super Bowl ad — and there’s even a mention of Legend’s Sexiest Man Alive title.

GMC: LeBron James

LeBron James’ on-the-court dominance has earned him a spot in a Super Bowl LIV ad. James is starring in GMC’s commercial for the car company’s new Hummer EV, which boasts about the all-electric truck’s reduced noise, teasing, “a quiet revolution is coming.” The athlete is seen successfully completing a slam dunk and shattering the basketball hoops’ backboard — silently. Teases the commercial: “pure dominance will sound like this.”

Facebook: Chris Rock

Facebook Groups is also ready for liftoff, as depicted in this teaser of the company’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, featuring Chris Rock launching a model rocket. “Get ready to rock,” reads the tagline, playing off the comedian’s last name as well as the iconic character of his costar in the ad (who doesn’t appear in this clip), Sylvester Stallone — a.k.a. Rocky. “Working with Facebook and Chris Rock for its first Super Bowl ad was great – especially because we filmed it at my favorite place in the world,” Stallone told PEOPLE. Tune in to see where that place is!

Audi: Maisie Williams

A girl is not letting road rage or fossil fuels get to her — she’s letting go of all that as she drives into “a more sustainable future” while belting out the Frozen hit song in her Audi e-tron. Many, many Game of Thrones jokes are coming.

Squarespace: Winona Ryder

Did you know Winona Ryder was born in Winona, Minnesota — and named for the town? Well, now you will, as she returns to the town for the very first time to build a website about it in Squarespace’s sixth Super Bowl commercial. The Stranger Things star spent a week in the city — southwest of Minneapolis — photographing people and places for a book that will be sold on the site, welcometowinona.com, with proceeds benefiting charity.

Pop-Tarts: Jonathan Van Ness

Can you believe Pop-Tarts reinvented the pretzel? Well believe it, henny! Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness stars in this classic infomercial parody, taking pretzels from drab to fab as the screen floods into Technicolor and he proclaims that the brand has taken pretzels from “ho-hum to so yum!”

Amazon Alexa: Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

How did people live without voice-activated personal assistants? How did they turn on the lights, or change the volume on a song, or learn the day’s news? Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi ask that question in this creative spot, which travels back in time to discover how people fared without their Amazon Alexas (plenty of cameos to spot, too).

P&G: Sofia Vergara, Busy Philipps, Rob Riggle & More

The mega-company created what it’s calling the Super Bowl’s first interactive ad, allowing fans to help decide how it goes ahead of Sunday’s airing. “The fact that America gets to weigh in and have a voice in how this thing is going to be completed is actually kind of cool,” Riggle said of the commercial, “So it’s always nice to have some sort of fresh offering when it comes to a Super Bowl spot, and I think this is it.”

Others who make appearances in the commercial include Troy Polamalu, Isaiah Mustafa and Vergara’s son Manolo Vergara. Bounty, Mr. Clean, Febreze, Olay, Charmin, Head & Shoulders, and Old Spice are all represented.

Presidente: Alex Rodriguez

Days after it was announced the former Yankees star was the newly minted chairman of Dominican beer Presidente, Alex Rodriguez debuted the brand’s Super Bowl ad, which touches on his childhood in the Dominican Republic. According to a press release, the entire spot came together in just five days.

Snickers: Luis Guzmán

In this modern riff off the iconic 1971 “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial — which (*spoiler alert*) many might remember from the closing scene of Mad Men — Snickers fans unite to try and fix the world’s problems (like “babies named after produce”) by feeding it a giant Snickers bar. Boogie Nights actor Luis Guzmán appears at the end, joking that the “Snickers hole” — a ditch they’ve dropped the enormous candy bar into — is “working” after two influencers fall inside.

Michelob Ultra: Jimmy Fallon & John Cena

Michelob Ultra positions itself as the perfect way to wind down post-workout in this ad, which features John Cena trying his best to train Jimmy Fallon in a variety of sports. Along the way, they run into Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, pro golfer Brooks Koepka and volleyball stars Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat.

Hyundai: Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski & David “Big Papi” Ortiz

This car’s wicked smaht. In this ad for the Hyundai Sonata, Massachusetts natives Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch watch in heavily Boston-accented disbelief as John Krasinski rolls up and attempts to Smart Park (or, “Smaht Pahk”) his car into a tight spot. The trio then launches into a hilarious back-and-forth over all the classic Boston locales the A Quiet Place actor and director has managed to park in, before they’re interrupted by former Boston Red Sox star David “Big Papi” Ortiz.

Little Caesars: Rainn Wilson

Things go from bad to worse for Rainn Wilson in this hilarious Super Bowl commercial. Starring in Little Caesars’ first-ever ad for the big game, The Office star plays the CEO of Sliced Bread Inc. — and he gets a rude awakening after learning what customers are saying about the pizza chain’s new delivery service. “Little Caesars delivery, that’s the best thing since sliced bread,” a customer quips, much to Wilson’s dismay. “We got a problem, there’s a new best thing,” a startled Wilson learns, before rejecting a long list of ideas — ranging from travel-sized bread to selling bedazzled loafs — on how to make the grocery staple exciting again.

Quibi: Chance the Rapper & Megan Thee Stallion

The new streaming platform offering “quick bites” of contents is giving viewers a glimpse at what’s to come with its new Super Bowl commercial. The commercial follows robbers wearing hilarious animal masks during a bank heist. The group is forced to stall after their getaway driver gets caught up watching a video on his phone. “I’ll be there in a Quibi,” he responds on the walk-talkie, smiling at his phone. “A what?” a distressed robber replies. “A Quibi,” the long-haired driver says with a laugh. “Less than 10 minutes.” One of the assisting heist leaders then shrugs his shoulders and joins in on the fun. He gets distracted by Chance the Rapper and Megan Thee Stallion on Quibi’s reboot of Punk’d.

Tide: Charlie Day & Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire is making her Super Bowl commercial debut. The Schitt’s Creek actress teamed up with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day to star in Tide’s upcoming ad, in which the actors sort through their dirty laundry together. “I’ve been very excited about this,” Hampshire said. “I’ve always felt weird because I’m terrible at selling anything I don’t like or believe in. But what’s great is that I actually use Tide and I actually am super messy, and that’s a part of the commercial. Tide wanted me to be myself, and it’s is very on-brand for me because I am very lazy when it comes to laundry.”

Avocados from Mexico: Molly Ringwald

In a new humorous ad for Avocados From Mexico that’s set to air during Super Bowl LIV, the Riverdale star will be showcasing different ways for people to lovingly treat and care for their avocados. In the PEOPLE exclusive clip of the ad, Ringwald lovingly places a polished tiara on top of an avocado seated in a tiny throne. “They’re going to eat you up,” she says while smiling down at the avocado.

McDonald’s: Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West & More

We’re lovin’ this glimpse into famous McDonald’s fans’ go-to orders, including the preferred palate of everyone from Kim Kardashian West (who caused quite the controversy by revealing she “ONLY” eats “chicken nuggets dipped in honey”) and her husband Kanye West to Millie Bobby Brown and Whoopi Goldberg. In addition to high-profile celebs, the spot jokingly includes the favorite meals of famous characters, like Dracula’s tray full of ketchup packets.

Rocket Mortgage: Jason Momoa

“You’ve never seen Jason Momoa like this,” the Aquaman star says in another teaser of his Rocket Mortgage ad, which shows how he gets “comfortable at home.” Spoiler alert: it’s with a romance novel, in a bubble bath, and you need to watch it immediately.

Teremana Tequila: The Rock

During the Super Bowl LIV pregame, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson premiered a spot for his new Teremana Tequila featuring Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Johnson and Jay Glazer. The ad features the friends as they play a game of Never Have I Ever, ribbing each other, as Johnson never got a chance to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL. They share drinks, laughs and toast to hard work and creating opportunities.

Super Bowl LIV, held at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, airs live at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 2, on Fox.

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