See the Top 10 Super Bowl 2020 Commercials — from Jeep's 'Groundhog Day' to Google's Tearjerker

Check out a list of PEOPLE's favorite ads this year

The main show at the Super Bowl is in the stadium, but as viewers all know, there’s plenty of entertainment happening between the action, as well.

Every year, major companies and advertisers spend millions of dollars, going above and beyond to get sports fans’ attention during the commercial breaks by producing powerful, funny and creative ads — and Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers was no exception.

Read on for a list of PEOPLE’s favorite spots this year.

1. Jeep

Fitting for the big game that fell on the Feb. 2 holiday this year, Bill Murray reprised his role from the 1993 film Groundhog Day. As his character Phil Connors relived the same day over and over again (except with a brand-new Jeep at his disposal), Murray, 69, gave fans another dose of his beloved cynical weatherman, recreating memorable scenes from the comedy classic.

2. Google

“Hey, Google — pass the tissues.” Even the toughest of football fans were likely in tears after this touching ad, titled “Loretta.” In this 90-second spot, a widowed grandfather utilized his Google virtual assistant to help keep his late wife’s memory alive. It’s the kind of emotional storytelling viewers won’t soon forget.

3. Amazon Alexa

For this commercial, Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi had viewers imagining what exactly life was like in the dark days before the prevalence of Amazon’s Alexa (which debuted in 2014). By time-hopping through various eras, this comical ad showed how people must have carried out tasks before they could ask their virtual assistant to do it for them.

4. Rocket Mortgage

Fans got to know the real Jason Momoa in this gut-busting ad, which shows the hunky actor, 40, literally shed away his beefy persona to reveal a skinny, balding version of himself. “It’s the one place I can let my guard down,” Momoa said of his home in the commercial, slowly stripping off his muscles and flowing hair. Between the star’s willingness to poke fun at his own image plus a cameo from his wife Lisa Bonet, this ad had plenty to unpack.

5. Doritos

A Western dance battle between Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot? Enough said. Add in the 20-year-old artist’s Grammy-winning song “Old Town Road” and Doritos’ Cool Ranch chips have never been cooler.

6. Hyundai Sonata

Captain America star Chris Evans was joined by Rachel Dratch and John Krasinski to form the Avengers-equivalent of over-the-top Boston accents in this ad. As the trio discussed in amazement the technical achievement of the latest Hyundai Sonata model, they delivered a laugh-out-loud pronunciation of “Smart Park” that’s sure to go down in Super Bowl commercial history.

7. Hulu

Surely more than a few NFL fans had momentary loss of breath during this advert as it opened with a message from Tom Brady, who said he had a “big announcement.” Turns out the 42-year-old quarterback just wanted to let the world know about Hulu and its streaming services — what did you think he meant? Definitely no retirement speech anytime soon.

8. Facebook

While showcasing the wide-ranging variety of Facebook Groups available on the social networking platform, this ad highlighted many niche hobbies, mostly pertaining to “rocks” in some way (think rock-climbing, rocking chair enthusiasts and model rockets). Naturally, comedian Chris Rock showed up during a Rocky Balboa throwback moment, with Sylvester Stallone also dropping in.

9. Mountain Dew

Who knew a Mountain Dew–addled reimagining of The Shining could be so perfect? As the Stanley Kubrick horror classic celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, actors Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross stepped in to portray an iconic scene from the movie, only this time, the delusional husband was only trying to deliver a cold bottle of soda to his terrified wife. Swap the movie’s blood-bath elevator sequence for gallons of the green beverage and Mountain Dew suddenly has a memorable Super Bowl ad on their hands.

10. Cheetos

Cheetos now has popcorn — and M.C. Hammer still says you can’t touch this. Hilariously demonstrating how one snacker got out of lending a hand to others because of his cheese-dusted finger tips, the commercial had the “U Can’t Touch This” singer, 56, perform his hit ’90s track in various scenarios.

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