Michael Bublé and Cardi B.: The Best Celebrity Cameos in Super Bowl Commercials This Year

In honor of the big game, we're keeping track of the best celebrity Super Bowl commercials

Photo: Bubly/YouTube

The Super Bowl is almost here!

Whether you’re rooting for the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams, anxiously awaiting the halftime show performance, or just in it for the amazing snacks, everyone has their reasons for tuning in.

But we’ll all be keeping our eyes glued on the TV for the newest batch of commercials, which are sure to be equal parts hilarious, heart-warming and star-studded.

In honor of the big game, we’re keeping track of the all the celebrity Super Bowl commercial cameos.

Michael Bublé

In Bublé’s first Super Bowl commercial, the Grammy award-winning singer is on a one-man mission to correct the spelling and pronunciation of the bubly line (from “bubly” to “bublé,” naturally). The suit-clad crooner is seen sitting on the floor of a grocery store, taking a permanent marker to each colorful can—handwriting an “é” over the “y” in “bubly”— much to the frustration of the shop owner.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges

When the two actors forgo their signature drinks (a cosmopolitan and white Russian, respectively) for a cold Stells Artois, chaos ensues.

“Changing can do a little good,” Bridges says after Parker compliments him on his drink order.

Complete with the Sex and the City theme song and The Big Lebowski‘s opening credit tune, the commercial is full of nostalgia.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Gellar goes back to her horror roots in Olay’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, “Killer Skin.” The commercial consists of several classic scary movie scenes, including a man lurking outside in the rain and later breaking in.

In one shot, Gellar applies Olay’s skincare treatment as the masked man creeps up from behind.

Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carell

While they might be an unlikely group, the trio teamed up to star in this year’s Pepsi commercial. In the commercial, Carell, Cardi and Lil Jon step in to prove that Pepsi more than just an “okay” alternative to Coke.

Cut to Lil Jon and Cardi B sounding off with their “okay” catchphrases, and Pepsi created the comedic mashup no one expected.

Luke Wilson

Colgate recruited Wilson to help prove that there’s no such thing as “too close” when using the brand’s toothpaste.

Wilson gets up close and personal with office workers while talking about the benefits of the toothpaste.

Christina Applegate

Applegate furiously fights with someone to unlock her car door, leading to a hilarious, expletive-filled moment in the latest M&M commercial. While viewers haven’t seen what’s inside the car, we have a sneaking suspicion it’s one of the candy maker’s mascots.

Jason Bateman

The Super Bowl commercial veteran acts as an elevator operator in the latest Hyundai ad. Bateman takes two car shoppers on an elevator ride full of life worst moments (including jury duty, getting a root canal and have “the talk” with your parents) to highlight just how painful car shopping can be without shopper assurance.

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