In which the Super Bowl makes us laugh, cry and wonder why we have been forsaken

Sure, the Super Bowl may primarily be about sports and stuff, but isn’t it really about the commercials?

From Kim Kardashian making fun of her love of selfies to puppies everywhereseriously, everywhere – the Super Bowl makes advertising fun!

(And, well, a little dark. Super Bowl XLIX featured some of the saddest commercials in recent memory. But we’ll get to those.)

Here are some of the commercials that had social media buzzing – from the star-studded, to the hilarious and to the inexplicably dark. (Looking at you, Nationwide!)

Super Bowl Commercials: The Star-Studded

The Super Bowl isn’t just for your Kate Uptons and your Lindsay Lohans – even Liam Neeson made an appearance in a Clash of Clans commercial, parodying his Taken character, Bryan Mills.

T-Mobile: Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want You to Lose Her Selfies

Esurance: Lindsay Lohan Is Not a Great Driver, Is a "Sorta Mom"

Clash of Clans: Liam Neeson Will Come For You With Barbarians and Dragons

Game of War: Kate Upton Reminds You That She Is Super Sexy

Esurance: Walter White Is Back in the "Pharmaceutical" Game

Super Bowl Commercials: The Hilarious

Snickers capitalized on the Brady Bunch memes making their way around the Web, and Chevy tricked you into thinking your TV had gone out.

Snickers: Marcia Brady Turns Into Danny Trejo When She’s Hungry; Jan Is Steve Buscemi for No Discernible Reason

Chevrolet: In Which American Homes Nationwide Were Trolled by a Car Commercial

Doritos: A Child Decides to Launch a Pig Into Space For a Dorito Because it Seemed Easiest, We Suppose?

Super Bowl Commercials: The "Why, God, Why?"

From food we know we shouldn’t eat but will anyway to a toe fungus commercial, some of these ads had us asking one simple question: Why?!

Jubila: Toe Fungus Commercial ?

Pizza Hut: Triple Cheese-Stuffed Pizza, Though

Super Bowl Commercials: The Trailers

Jurassic World! Insurgent! Tomorrowland! The trailers that aired during the Super Bowl were truly an embarrassment of riches and the perfect distraction for those who find the Super Bowl an otherwise endlessly tedious endeavor.

Jurassic World



Terminator: Genisys

Furious 7

Super Bowl Commercials: The Bleak

But really. Was this the darkest Super Bowl ever? Here’s just a small sampling of the commercials that bummed out nacho-eating audiences across the nation. (Click here for our full roundup of the weepiest commercials from the Super Bowl.)

Nationwide: A Child Lists the Experiences He’ll Never Have Because He Drowned in a Bathtub

Nissan: "Cat’s in the Cradle" Plays Over a Bad Dad Montage

Budweiser: Lost Dog Eventually Finds His Way Home But Not Before Making Us Super Sad