"We leave it at the table, but for some reason the takeaway is that we hate each other, and it's the furthest thing from the truth," Sunny Hostin told PEOPLE

By Kristen Kelly and Aurelie Corinthios
April 12, 2019 03:48 PM
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The ladies at The View may get into it at the table, but according to Sunny Hostin, they leave it there.

Speaking to PEOPLE at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Most Powerful People in Media event in New York City on Thursday, Hostin, 50, opened up about her relationship with co-host Meghan McCain, 34, after the two argued over the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that morning.

“Today Meghan and I got into a very passionate discussion about Julian Assange, and it’s passionate because we are,” she explained. “And right after the show we went to [co-host] Abby’s [Huntsman] baby shower. And we were having champagne!”

“We went to the baby shower and we’re having a couple of glasses of champagne, we’re eating Southern comfort food and Meghan turns to me and she shows me one of the headlines: ‘Sunny and Meghan hate each other!’ ” Hostin continued. “And we just really laughed at it. Because we leave it at the table, but for some reason the takeaway is that we hate each other, and it’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

“We leave it at the table because we are professionals and we have to do the job the next day,” she added. “So if there were all these hard feelings, then we couldn’t put on a show the next day.”

Sunny Hostin (left) and Meghan McCcain
Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty

Hostin also addressed a new book about the ABC show that’s been making headlines: Ramin Setoodeh’s Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View, which contains interviews with almost every host to have sat at the table and details alleged feuds and toxic relationships among the women. (A rep for The View has declined to comment on the book or its contents.)

Hostin said while she hadn’t read the book yet, she’s not surprised the legendary talk show drums up so much interest.

“It is such an incredible show,” she said. “It’s like a sorority with only 22, 23 members, and once you’re there, you’re forever changed.”

“I’ve met a lot of the hosts and they’re forever changed,” she continued. “Because where do you find a show where five women who are really opinionated and really passionate and lay it all out and can argue and debate and cry and love and share all their flaws, and celebrate each other and are celebrated for it? That’s what makes us special and unusual, and I think that’s why people write about us.”

Still, Hostin said she wishes there was less speculation about alleged in-fighting.

“We’re passionate — that’s the formula for The View,” Hostin said. “They only hire people that are smart and passionate and who are willing to put it out there.”

“I think that’s what they look for in a host,” she added. “Because you would never survive this table if you took it personally — it wouldn’t work.”

The View airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.