"We just kept getting closer and closer and we both wound up single at the same time," Lindsay Hubbard said about her relationship with Carl Radke

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke are dishing on their hookup.

After Bravo released a trailer in early December of the show’s upcoming new season, which teased Hubbard and Radke hooking up, the pair sat down with People TV’s Reality Check and opened up about how their four-year friendship and tight bond turned romantic.

“We have gotten closer throughout the years and especially after a couple of summers ago and then fall, winter, spring, we just kept getting closer and closer and then we both wound up single at the same time, which I don’t think has ever really happened,” said Hubbard. “But our friendship chemistry is just like so apparent that I think a lot of people were sort of waiting for something to happen.”

Radke added that the two would frequently get comments on social media asking if they were dating.

“And you feel that pressure,” he admitted.

“And then you start looking at each other and you’re like, ‘Hmm, maybe they’re right. Maybe we should,’ ” said Hubbard.

Added Radke, “And they say date your best friend. Usually, that goes well.”

Having witnessed Radke’s dating history with other women, Hubbard admitted to being nervous about the possibility of entering a romantic relationship with him.

Still, “I think that our relationship and friendship was so much stronger than his with the past girls on the show,” explained Hubbard. “We have a different foundation of such a strong friendship. And he’s grown.”

BravoCon - Season 2019
Kyle Cook (inset), Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

As to what bonded them in a new way?

“She had gone through a breakup in the spring. I had broke up right around January. And I dunno, we bonded over breaking up,” said Radke, who added, “I will say, Lindsay’s a beautiful girl. Like, you’re drinking, having fun, I’m single …”

And while fans have been shipping Hubbard and Radke as a couple, they aren’t the only ones — costars Kyle Cooke and his fiancée Amanda Batula were admittedly “waiting for” their costars to get together.

“I was kind of waiting for it,” Cooke confessed on Reality Check.

Still, he was in shock when he learned the pair had hooked up.

“But then when I found out … it was the night before we were headed out to the house. … I almost got hit by a car because I think I stopped in the middle of the street like, ‘What?!’ ” admitted Cooke.

Season 4 of Summer House premieres Feb. 5 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.