Danielle Olivera Says Lindsay Hubbard 'Wasn't Hearing Me' and Wanted Carl Radke Relationship to Seem 'Perfect'

"Her relationship with Carl was No. 1, and nothing in her mind was going to get past that. I couldn't break through that," Summer House star Danielle Olivera tells PEOPLE of former BFF Lindsay Hubbard

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When Danielle Olivera returned to the Hamptons last year for Summer House season 7, she looked forward to spending time with best friends Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

"I kind of distanced myself just to give them space to be in a relationship," Olivera, 34, tells PEOPLE. "And then [I] was chatting with Lindsay and we were great going in. I was actually so excited to be in the same house so that now we can kind of rebuild and get back to where we were. That didn't end up happening."

Hubbard, 36, and Radke, 38, had moved in together after a little more than six months of dating and just before filming began last summer. "They were totally in that love bubble," Olivera says. "They knew that their relationship would be put under a microscope [on Summer House], having seen Kyle [Cooke] and Amanda [Batula]'s relationship be put under a microscope, and they wanted to be as close to perfect as possible."

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As a result, Olivera found it hard to get through to Hubbard when she tried to communicate to the publicist how fast she felt Hubbard's relationship with Radke had been moving.

"It just all seemed so sudden," Olivera says. "They moved in together and then the talk of engagement on top of that. [I thought,] Why don't you guys live with each other a little bit? And because I want them to last, I think they should pass the honeymoon phase and get through some really tough conversations before you make this leap."

But the entrepreneur believes Hubbard only "thought the worst of my intentions" when it came to speaking up about these concerns. "I think that her relationship with Carl was No. 1, and nothing in her mind was going to get past that. I couldn't break through that," Olivera says. "I'm rooting for them for all of the happiness in the world. She really just wasn't hearing me."

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Olivera hoped that "as their best friend, they would let me in a little bit more on that, but I felt like it was them against the world." That sentiment held true of Hubbard and Radke's engagement, which took place in The Hamptons amid filming in August.

"I just wished I could have been in a better place going into it," Olivera says. "The way the engagement happened is more of the reason for my reaction because I just wasn't involved at all. No one wants to see Lindsay get engaged more than I do. I've always been rooting for her and it would've been nice to be more a part of it."

Summer House Stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Are Engaged After Romantic Beachside Proposal — See Her Ring. Phot credit: Adam Szulewski Olga Lezhepekova
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Olivera says it will take "a lot of conversation, a lot of accountability and a promise for a little bit of change" to repair the friendship. "I'm not certain that will happen, but I'm hopeful," she says.

Olivera, who split from boyfriend Robert Sieber in November, says her friendships with her other housemates have strengthened, though.

"If there's anything good that came out of all of this, it's that I've never been closer to the rest of my castmates," she says. "They really came through for me to this day, even with the Robert stuff. It's a lot and so it kind of tested what I felt about each one of them, really, and now I know that there's friendships there. I might not be close with every single one of them, but each of us have our own friendships and it feels really, really good."

Olivera's friendship with new housemate Gabby Prescod got off to a rocky start when she found out that the fashion editor's former boyfriend had been seeing both of them at the same time.

"I had no idea," Olivera says of the connection. "I was in, Gabby was out and then Gabby was kind of still in and I was ghosted. He always referred to Gabby as his ex-girlfriend and so I treated it as such by scrolling her Instagram to oblivion and then just leaving it there. I knew exactly what she looked like and what her first and last name were when I met her. And it was just like, 'Wait, there's overlap here.'"

Gabby Prescodattends the 2023 Fifteen Percent Pledge Gala at New York Public Library on February 04, 2023 in New York City.
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Olivera and Prescod discuss that overlap in Monday's episode.

"That's New York for you!" Olivera says. "It's pretty small."

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Summer House airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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