“It’s my first time doing therapy while actually telling the 100% truth," Carl Radke said in a recent interview on The Publyssity Podcast

By Eric Todisco
June 24, 2020 11:00 AM
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty

Carl Radke is determined to be the best version of himself.

The Summer House star, 35, opened up on Wednesday's episode of The Publyssity Podcast, hosted by influencer Alyssa Amoroso, about how he's been staying sober for the past several months.

“I stopped drinking in March," Radke said. "I’ve been sober since. I feel great. Now here’s the thing …l ike, am I saying I’m never going to drink again? I’ve never said. I just needed to take a break from it."

Rakde, who has starred on all four seasons of the Bravo series, said that watching himself on television made him reflect on his personal issues, most notably his excessive drinking.

“It’s been helping me take a step back and realizing I was drinking a ton and I was going out all the time," he explained. "A lot of my female relationships were affected. I didn’t know that until later on, by my drinking. I was running away from a lot of things I wasn’t addressing."

Determined to get healthy and happy, Radke sought help from a therapist — which he says has been a huge breakthrough for him.

“It’s my first time doing therapy while actually telling the 100% truth," he shared. "I’ve done therapy over the past six years and I never once, up until this past, you know, January, said I drink a ton. I’ve done drugs. I’ve partied. And it was liberating actually opening up with this therapist who focuses more on alcohol and just being completely honest.”

Radke admitted to Amoroso that until recently, he wasn't being honest with his therapist — or himself.

“I was basically lying, I was playing a version in therapy of what I thought needed to be addressed, and it’s just like I was very afraid to be completely honest," Radke shared. "So far I even quantified how much money I’ve spent on alcohol and partying and all these things keep adding up, and I’m like holy cow, it’s pretty staggering from six years in the city and how much I’ve focused on drinking and partying versus investing in myself.”

While Summer House's fifth season has yet to film or been confirmed officially amid the coronavirus pandemic, Radke said that he's intent on staying sober through the summer.

"I just think for me I feel like I could still be the same vulnerable, opinionated, fun, Carl, but not having several thousand beverages over the course of the summer," he shared.

“I’m looking forward to showing this side of me," Radke added, "because I have this in me and I always have."