Amanda Batula is still healing after finding out that her boyfriend of two years was unfaithful before the start of the summer


Tensions are simmering between Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula on this week’s episode of Summer House.

In a sneak peek from Monday’s episode, Cooke finds himself in the hot seat after a wild night out leaves his girlfriend Batula with flashbacks to the time he cheated on her.

“I’m sorry things got heated last night,” Cooke says. “I want to be having fun with you. I don’t want you to constantly associate drinking with me cheating.”

“It’s hard not to,” Batula interjects.

Earlier in the season, Cooke admitted that he had been unfaithful to his girlfriend of two years prior to the start of summer. In the months since the incident, he has been doing his best to prove his love to Batula and move on — and in together.

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Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke
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“I thought the pure fact that we are literally looking for an apartment is a sign that I’m committed to this,” he says in the sneak preview. “I want to do everything possible to help restore the trust that you need.”

And while Batula admits she wants to “move on,” it’s certainly easier said than done.

“I resent you for what you did. There are things that I want to be different and I don’t want to be disappointed,” she says. “A the end of the day, you’re a grown man. I can’t control you. You can do whatever you think is right. If you dig you’re on own grave, that’s on you.”

The couple opened up about the cheating incident earlier this season, admitting it was a major setback in their relationship.

“A year ago, I was on a guys’ trip, I blacked out, and I woke up with a girl in my bed,” Cooke recalled. “I’ve never felt worse in my entire life.”

And while Batula said she forgave him, she said Cooke still had a long way to go before earning her trust back. “I was absolutely disgusted with him,” she said in the previous episode. “We were f—-. Like, once someone loses my trust, it’s so hard for me to ever fully trust them again.”

Of course, fans of the couple know the two were eventually able to forgive and forget: Cooke and Batula got engaged in September.

Cooke popped the question with a two-and-a-half carat diamond engagement ring, cushion cut on a split shank band.

“It’s surreal,” Batula told PEOPLE at the time. “Aside from how funny and sexy he is, Kyle’s my best friend. He’s the person I go to for everything. And he forces me to be a better person in different ways by pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Life with him is exciting. And to think he wants to spend the rest our his life with me and I feel the same way, it’s just a real happy feeling.”

“Amanda’s the most authentic, genuine person I’ve ever met,” Cooke added. “I really look up to her. She’s incredibly selfless, thoughtful, generous and accommodating. She puts family and friends as the top priority, and bends over backwards for the people that are important to her. That’s what you look for in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. She’s a hell of a partner.”

And the couple said their tough times only brought them closer together.

“You learn what’s important towards one another and how to handle and be respectful of the relationship and of each other,” Cooke said.

Summer House airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.