The R&B Divas: LA star tells PEOPLE, "we co-parent"

By Nicole Sands
February 11, 2015 03:50 PM
Alex Martinez/TV One

Her ex-husband Suge Knight has been taking over headlines recently, but singer and single mom Michel’le is front and center on this season’s R&B Divas: LA.

Knight, 49, has been charged with murder and attempted murder after an altercation on Jan. 29 that led him to fatally running over his former associate, Terry Carter, 55, on set of the upcoming biopic about the group N.W.A. called Straight Outta Compton.

“As far as having a relationship, we co-parent, [and] maybe we would see him every three months,” Michel’le, 44, tells PEOPLE of Knight and their daughter Bailei, 12.

While Michel’le was “amazed” to learn about Knight’s arrest, being a single mother is a life that she’s learned to maintain.

“When I was with [Suge], he was in prison for six years, which was most of the time we were together because we were only together for eight, and then [he was in prison for] another six months when she was born,” Michel’le explains of raising her daughter alone since Bailei was around the age of 2.

She adds, “[Bailei] hasn’t connected the dots, and that’s okay for me right now because by that time we’ll be able to work through it, and I’m happy about that.”

Michel'le Toussaint
Courtesy Michel'le Toussaint

While Michel’le says that she is not Suge’s girlfriend, she worries that the men from her past may reflect her romance in the future.

“I think [men] are intimidated because they think I’m that girl that just likes these thug, gangster types, and I’m okay with it,” she says.

“If someone was willing to give it a chance, why not,” she says about whether or not she’s ready to give love another shot. “I just think they all just want to [sleep with me] and go home, and I’m not that kind of girl.”

And on this season of R&B Divas: LA, love is just what Michel’le may find.

“This show is just going to showcase women in the [music] industry with children, dealing with life, music and how we have [breakthroughs] and breakups,” Michel’le says. “We just portray life and show you as much as we can in an hour.”

R&B Divas: LA premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on TV One.