'Succession' Costars Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron Reunite in Cheeky Pic After SAG Awards Kiss

The pair, who play Roman Roy and Gerri Kellman on the HBO hit, have been teasing fans by playing into their untraditional on-screen romance

kieran culkan j smith cameron
Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron. Photo: j smith cameron/ instagram

Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron are at it again!

The pair, who star alongside each other on HBO's hit series Succession, teased fans on Friday by posing for a photo together on Instagram.

In the shot, Culkin and Cameron sit next to each other and cheekily smirk at the camera. The photo shows Cameron, 64, holding up a martini glass, while Culkin, 39, raises his middle finger to his lips.

"Kieran's finger is gonna get stuck like that," Cameron jokingly captioned the shot, before clarifying, "(wearing a @cynthiarowley shirt that resembles pajamas)"

As Succession fans know, Smith-Cameron plays Gerri Kellman, the interim CEO of Waystar RoyCo, on the HBO series, while Culkin portrays Romulus "Roman" Roy, the youngest heir to the Waystar throne.

The new photo marks the second time in just two weeks that the pair has played into the untraditional on-screen romance between their Succession characters.

HBO's "Succession" Season 3 Premiere
Kieran Culkin and J. Smith-Cameron with some of their Succession costars. Arturo Holmes/WireImage

At the end of February, the pair shared a jokingly passionate kiss at the 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards after it was announced that Succession took home the award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series.

Fans went nuts on social media following the unexpected smooch, with one user writing, "We've been waiting for this moment for the entire season"

"Perfectly played, Romulus," wrote another person.

"ATTENTION: this is not a drill. @j_smithcameron and kieran culkin kissed. I REPEAT J AND KIERAN KISSED. #romangerri" added a fan.

Since Succession premiered in 2018, Cameron and Culkin haven't shied away from expressing their adoration for one another.

In October 2021, after being asked who is her favorite character on the show to act alongside, Cameron told Variety, "Shorty over here, obviously," referring toCulkin.

J. Smith-Cameron kisses Kieran
J. Smith-Cameron kissing Kieran Culkin at the SAG Awards. TNT

"He's a great acting partner and we have this fabulous plotline and it's enormous fun," she added of her costar.

Culkin echoed her sentiments, telling the outlet, "It's nice to work with that lady, I mean, look at her... it's a joy. I've been friends with J for nearly 20 years or so. I was just really excited when she got to play this part, which I believe was initially written to be a man."

"It feels like the [chemistry] thing just sorta happened on its own and grew," he noted. "She's a lovely scene partner and it's fantastic to work with her."

That same month, Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter of her costar, "He's one of the most available, alive actors I've ever worked with or even seen. He's so inventive and just … released. He's just operating at the very top of his game."

Culkin also opened up to THR about their chemistry, explaining that there wasn't initially a flirtation between the characters.

"I remember saying to my wife in season one, 'I really hope something happens sort of sexually or romantically between those two, but I don't know that it ever will,'" Culkin shared. "But we were sure trying. I would flirt with J. in the most obnoxious way, just to f— around ... but it never occurred to me that it would inform anything they wrote."

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Eventually, their flirtatious interactions became part of the storyline — and the rest is history, Cameron told NME.

"We had this one time where we finished the dialogue and they didn't say cut. And when that happens, you just have to go on and carry on in character," she recalled. "It kinda just rolled into this flirtatious repartee and then as I left the scene, I kinda checked him out and he kinda checked me out, and I think they were laughing."

"It's true we're kinda joke-flirting all the time on the set and he would call me 'mummy girlfriend' and I would call him 'baby man,'" she continued. "So I think they pick up on everyone's chemistry and try to lean into that."

Succession follows the Roy family as they prepare for the next phase of their media conglomerate, Waystar RoyCo, amid family patriarch Logan Roy's declining health. The series — which also stars Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Alan Ruck, Sarah Snook and Nicholas Braun — has released three seasons so far and was renewed for a fourth in October 2021.

The show has won several Emmys and most recently, earned its first wins at the SAG Awards.

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