Each episode brings on new guests who become the stars of their own horror-like movie as the young actor pulls pranks on them

By Claudia Harmata
October 10, 2019 11:30 AM

Gaten Matarazzo is bringing his experience from Stranger Things to a new show!

On Thursday, Netflix dropped the trailer for the 17-year-old’s new series, Prank Encounters, in which Matarazzo brings horrifying supernatural situations to life in order to scare some unsuspecting strangers.

“If I were you I probably wouldn’t trust anyone this Halloween season… especially me!!,” the teen actor tweeted Thursday. “Are you ready to scream and laugh with me when #PrankEncounters hits @Netflix on October 25?”

With hidden cameras abound, each episode brings on new guests who believe they’ve been hired for a one-time gig — whether that’s babysitting, being a security guard, or an assistant.

Prank Encounters S1 Episode 6

However, things soon start to take a strange turn for the new hires, and they become the stars of their own horror-like movie as Matarazzo and his team set up over the top pranks to spook them while on the job.

In one clip from the trailer, a young woman, who was seemingly hired to help a surgeon with an operation, witnesses an arm gruesomely claw it’s way out of the patient’s stomach and she runs off, screaming in horror. During another episode, a group of security guards are trapped in a van as a “monster” attacks from the outside and begins shattering windows.

At the end of each clip, Matarazzo runs up to “save the day” and lets his guests know that they’ve been pranked.

Prank Encounters S1 Episode 5

“Guys! Guys! I know what’s happening,” he yells during one episode as he runs into the scene. “You’re on my prank show, Prank Encounters.”

“No. You guys are absolutely crazy,” one victim responds in disbelief, to which Matarazzo responds, “We’re insane.”

In addition to his new show, Matarazzo will be returning to Stranger Things, as it’s been renewed for a fourth season. The sci-fi horror series has become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows.

Prank Encounters comes out Oct. 25 on Netflix.