The former beauty queen splits the judges' vote in Nashville

By Aaron Parsley
January 28, 2011 08:00 AM
Michael Becker/FOX

In one of the split decisions on Thursday’s American Idol auditions in Nashville, Stormi Henley, a former Miss Teen USA, was given a golden ticket to Hollywood by the judges.

Henley, 19, sang “Father, Can You Hear Me?” Steven Tyler said she had a “beautiful little tight squeaky” voice and wondered if she’d ever “let loose.” She said no.

At decision time, Tyler told Henley, “I think with a little work you can belt that out, so I’m going to say yes.”

Jennifer Lopez‘s take: “I think you’re gorgeous, but the voice is not strong enough for me. I’m going to say no.”

That left her Idol fate in Randy Jackson’s hands. “It was just okay, I don’t know,” he said. In the next shot, Henley was waving her golden ticket and celebrating victory with waiting supporters.

Her segment ended with Lopez asking her costars, “Seriously, you two? Seriously? That might be the smallest voice we’ve heard!”