"My dumb mistake created a story that hit a wound that should never have been touched," he told Howard Stern
Credit: Canham/Massie/Splash News Online

Steve Rannazzisi is apologizing again for lying about narrowly escaping death on 9/11.

The disgraced comedian appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday to ask for forgiveness in his first interview since the scandal broke.

“My dumb mistake created a story that hit a wound that should never have been touched,” he said.

Rannazzisi, 37, told the shock jock that he concocted his story in “waves” while pursuing a stand-up career in Los Angeles.

“It was a completely out of the blue situation,” he said. “It wasn’t calculated.”

Rannazzisi admitted deceiving the public in September after a New York Times exposé revealed he was not really working in the south tower of the World Trade Center during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack.

The League actor lost a Buffalo Wild Wings sponsorship because of the backlash.

Rannazzisi told Howard Stern that his wife was forced to go along with the lie and that he once confessed to a priest who also had to stay silent. His two young children “don’t know” what’s going on, he added.

“They don’t know why Daddy needs to be in his office on the phone or why Daddy’s crying sometimes,” he said.

He also said he apologized to Saturday Night Live‘s Peter Davidson, who called him out on Twitter before telling fans to ” take it easy” on Rannazzisi.

Davidson’s father, a New York fireman, died in the tragedy.

“The thing that he said to me was that people make mistakes,” Rannazzisi said. “I can’t even say thank you enough to Pete Davidson. That guy, he’s top notch.”