March 27, 2009 12:00 AM

They share the same namesake. Now they’re sharing dinner and trips to the Apple store on his-and-his Segways.

Only on Dancing with the Stars would a billionaire computer whiz, Steve Wozniak, and a Jackass, ahem, star, Steve-O, meet — and hit it off.

And each has taken to writing about their blossoming friendship online.

In a MySpace blog entry titled, “Getting Extreme With The Woz,” posted Thursday, Steve-O writes: “They say the way to overcome fear is to face it and, fortunately, my good friend, Steve Wozniak, afforded me that opportunity tonight. We went out for dinner together and, afterwards, the Woz insisted that I learn how to ride the device the Segway that maimed the former President of the USA.” The two rode their Segways without incident to the nearest Apple store in Los Angeles, and captured the moment with photos that the stuntman uploaded to go along with his blog post.

Coincidentally, The Woz also wrote about his dinner with Steve-O in a message sent Friday to the members of his official Facebook group, Vote for Woz on ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars!’.

He writes: “Last night I had my dinner with a true compatriot, Steve O. He has an incredibly fan base that doesn’t overlap mine and I consider him a strong ally. And vice-versa.”

That us-against-the-world sentiment seems to have helped bond the unlikely pair, who scored the lowest and the second lowest scores on Monday’s DWTS. Wozniak received a 10 out of 30 for his samba, and Steve-O scored a 15 out of 30 for his foxtrot.

Concludes Steve-O: “I think I can safely speak for my fellow Steve, by saying that we are both deeply touched and honored by the votes from all of you that have kept us alive in this dancing competition– despite the fact that the judges have deemed us to be the two worst dancers to have entered it. Thank you all, so very much.”


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