Craig Sjodin/ABC
March 13, 2009 12:00 AM

Steve-O is the latest dancer to suffer an injury while rehearsing for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

“A physical therapist has told me that nerves are being pinched in my back and it is in spasms because of inflammation related to torn muscles,” Steve-O said in a statement released Thursday. “I’m doing everything I can to let it heal: icing it, taking Advil, drinking water, visiting a chiropractor and continuing to be worked on by the physical therapist.”

Steve-O, former star of the reality stunt show Jackass, and his partner Lacey Schwimmer scored a 17 after their first performance Monday. The couple is tied with Belinda Carlisle and her partner Jonathan Roberts.

“I’m still rehearsing every day, but walking through my salsa routine, rather than practicing the physical stunts and tricks that are incorporated into it,” Steve-O says. “It is going to be a risky routine that I hope to pull off.”

The couple kicked off their waltz with a trick that had Steve-O flipping over Schwimmer’s back. Always the daredevil, Steve-O hopes to make it a tradition.

“If everything goes the way I would like it to, we’re going to be rolling the dice every week by putting something in the routine that could go horribly wrong,” he says. — Elaine AradillasCraig Sjodin/ABC

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