Steve Carell Jokes About Hip Replacement with David Letterman (VIDEO)

He also reveals what it was like to wear a fake nose for Foxcatcher


Losing your virginity, getting a hip replacement – all part of life after 40.

Steve Carell visited David Letterman Tuesday, and went into depth about the hip replacement he had last year, which stemmed from an old hockey injury.

“I was walking with a limp, it was not good,” the actor, 52, said of life pre-replacement. But he’s doing much better now, thanks – and as Letterman helpfully notes, after a hip replacement, “they give you the old one to make soup.”

“Actually, my hip marrow is very tasty,” Carell added. Well, there you have it – hip replacement humor. (Side note: Now we want to see Letterman and Carell as Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show.)

Carell’s currently starring in the true-crime biopic Foxcatcher alongside Channing Tatum. The movie, which by film-critic law must be referred to as “dark” and “harrowing,” is already getting Oscar buzz, and will be in theaters Friday. Check out Carell and Letterman talking about the prosthetic nose the actor donned for the film below.

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