Steve Buscemi Recreates His Own 'Fellow Kids' Meme with '30 Rock' Halloween Costume

"How do you do, fellow kids?" Steve Buscemi asked in the now-iconic 30 Rock scene, which has become a popular meme in recent years

steve buscemi
Photo: 30 rock official/ youtube

Steve Buscemi has dominated the internet once again by recreating his own meme for Halloween.

The Golden Globe winner, 63, handed out candy and even posed for selfies with fans from the stoop of his Brooklyn, N.Y., home on Sunday, while dressed as his 30 Rock character Lenny Wosniak. Buscemi donned a red hoodie, a "Music Band" t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap, while holding his skateboard over his shoulder.

He appeared on a 2012 episode of the NBC comedy titled "The Tuxedo Begins," playing a private investigator who went undercover at a high school (à la 21 Jump Street), but didn't have any of the kids fooled. "How do you do, fellow kids?" Buscemi asked a group of teenagers in the now-iconic clip.

Buscemi's hilarious delivery has since been immortalized and frequently used as a meme to express when someone feels old while trying to identify with a younger generation.

The Boardwalk Empire star's Halloween costume was fortunately documented by some fans, who snapped a photo with the actor. "'How do you do, fellow kids?' Steve Buscemi (actual Steve Buscemi)," wrote one fan who posted a photo of the actor to Twitter.

Although he doesn't have any public social media accounts of his own, Buscemi has acknowledged the viral success of his 30 Rock meme in the past. He referenced the line while presenting at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last year. "How do you do, fellow actors?" he joked at the time.

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Buscemi most recently appeared onscreen last year in Pete Davidson's semi-autobiographical movie The King of Staten Island, playing a firefighter named Papa. It wasn't such a stretch for the actor, who was a firefighter before he found his calling as an actor. He even helped rescue 9/11 survivors as a volunteer firefighter.

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