Stephen Collins to Katie Couric: 'I'm a Flawed Person'

Collins spoke to Couric the same week he released a statement to PEOPLE admitting to inappropriate sexual conduct with three minors

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Stephen Collins shares a vividly detailed confession with PEOPLE in which he admits he had inappropriate sexual conduct with underage girls. Subscribe now to access the complete statement, only in PEOPLE.

Stephen Collins delivered a simple message to both Katie Couric and the world at large: “I’m a flawed person.”

The embattled 7th Heaven actor sat down with the Yahoo Global News anchor the same week he released a lengthy statement to PEOPLE admitting to inappropriate sexual conduct with three female minors.

In the teaser clip for the interview above that will be posted on Yahoo on Friday – the same day the interview will air on ABC’s 20/20 – Collins, 67, answers, “No,” when asked whether he felt he was living a double life while portraying the wholesome minister and father on the popular ’90s WB show.

“No, because first of all I had put that stuff behind me,” he says. “I’m a flawed person.”

He then credits his faith with helping him heal after his mistakes.

“In the church, it’s actually one of the things I love about the church … Christ says in so many ways, ‘Bring me that which about you is broken. Bring it.’ And, most people are broken in some way,” he says.

Until this week, Collins has remained largely silent ever since TMZ released a recording of him in October admitting to child molestation. Collins told PEOPLE his estranged wife secretly recording him during a confidential therapy session in January 2012.

Collins also tells Couric that he has worked hard to try and make amends in his private life – and wishes the story never went public.

“Most people either get to or have to or choose to hide it,” he says. “This came out. I didn’t choose this to come out. I didn’t want to have to deal with these things publicly. I had dealt with them very, very strongly and committedly in my private life. I think I’m a human being with flaws and I’ve done everything I can to address them.”

Collins told PEOPLE he directly apologized to one victim about 15 years after their encounter, but has been advised against contacting the other two. He said the incidents all happened 20 to 40 years ago and, “I have not had an impulse to act out in any such way” in the last 20 years.

“After I learned in the course of my treatment that my being direct about such matters could actually make things worse for them by opening old wounds, I have not approached the other two women, one of whom is now in her 50s and the other in her 30s,” he said.

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