Stephen Colletti Teases a 'Laguna Beach' Reunion: 'They've Been Putting Out Some Phone Calls'

Stephen Colletti revealed that there have been talks to revive the show, which ran for three seasons from 2004-06

Laguna Beachset the stage for the new era of reality television — and considering today’s reboot fever, it’s not surprising that MTV might be revisiting the show over a decade after it wrapped.

Appearing on Tuesday’s episode of PeopleTV‘s primetime entertainment newsmagazine, Chatter, Stephen Colletti revealed that there have been talks to revive the show, which ran for three seasons from 2004-06.

“They’ve been talking about it,” he said. “MTV has been — they’ve been putting out some phone calls for it.”

But that being said, Colletti, 32, admitted he might have closed that door already.

“It’s not really my journey — I think I’ve done enough reality TV for a couple of lifetimes, at this point,” he quipped. “I think we can let that one go. That ship has sailed for me!”

MTV Laguna Beach Cast Portraits
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Nevertheless, the reality TV alum turned One Tree Hill star looks back on the experience fondly.

“We were just such young little kids,” he recalled. “What I loved about being on that show was everyone that we were working with and shooting the show with, they made us feel kind of comfortable. Looking back, we were very comfortable hanging out with these people. You didn’t know what you were doing, right? It was like, ‘Nah, this isn’t going anywhere. We’re just having fun, and it’s just going to end up in a box at MTV’s offices. It’s not going to be on air.’ ”

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In fact, Colletti said his experience working with the crew is what pushed him to pursue a career in the industry.

“I love the camaraderie on set, working with production — and they let me shoot stuff,” he said. “There’d be a time where Kristin [Cavallari] was walking into the surf shop back in the day, and they’d let me hold the camera and shoot her and follow her in and teach me the style they wanted to shoot it.”

“Those are the memories that I have from it,” he continued. “It’s usually pretty positive. But you definitely look back with a smile and remember that we were quite naive little children.”

Now, just like a normal high school friend group, “everyone kind of stays in contact,” according to Colletti.

“We see each other at different times, back home in Laguna for the holidays or whatnot,” he said. “It’s not a constant conversation, we’re not buds texting each other every day, but it’s all cordial.”

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