Stephanie Pratt Goes After Brother Spencer on Twitter: 'Some of the Most Poisonous People Come Disguised as Family'

Stephanie Pratt blasted her brother and fellow The Hills alum Spencer Pratt on Friday

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Stephanie Pratt blasted her brother and fellow The Hills alum Spencer Pratt on Friday, referring to him as one the most “poisonous” people she knows while also criticizing her parents for “living in denial.”

“I have protected people over the evil things they have done – & I’m tired of it- tired of my parents living in denial. Time 2 tell the truth,” Pratt began in a Thursday night tweet.

“Will someone adopt me I need a new family,” Pratt then tweeted early Friday morning.

It became clearer who the online rant was directed to when she responded to another comment on the social media platform.

In response to a comment from a Twitter user who wrote, “I just hope this isn’t about your brother. He has a good side too,” Stephanie responded, “No he doesn’t.”

The 31-year-old old also shared an Instagram quote as an image, adding more fuel to the family fued fire.

“Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family,” the post said. “They never cease to amaze me -good thing I always pray for my enemies,” she wrote for the caption.

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The Made in Chelsea star also retweeted a post that suggested she was the “cool” Pratt family member.

“Your like the cool Pratt, good luck in escaping that poisonous fam,” wrote a Twitter user.

Although it was not clear what prompted Pratt to share these comments, her brother recently made headlines for controversial statements he said when he and his wife Heidi Montag appeared on Alex Jones’s program InfoWars, Fox25Boston reported.

“We were chanting, ‘Death to the New World Order’ about 10 years ago after watching all of your documentaries, and then about a week later, we were no longer on television and haven’t had a consistent TV gig since then,” Pratt told Jones. “So if the New World Order is watching, you know, we still will not accept chips, but, you know, we will take a gig in the established media because we have a baby and we have some bills to pay so, you know, New World Order, we’re available.”

“It’s a hard balance because you want to be able to say how you feel and what’s going on in the world and to be able to have a voice or just be able to be a person within it,” she said. “But in reality TV, you’re so disposable that we were just disposed of pretty quickly after that … happened,” Montag added.

(The New World Order is a conspiracy theory about a “secretive elite power with a globalist agenda.)

While no mention was made of that interview, Spencer posted one tweet on Friday morning, which is likely a rebuttal to his sister’s recent insinuations.

“Can’t beef with peeps who have mental problems,” Spencer wrote.

It’s no secret that the siblings have a strained relationship.

Back in 2010, Pratt admitted that she and her brother Spencer weren’t always on speaking terms.

“In September it will be a year [since we’ve spoken],” she said at the two- year anniversary party of Palazzo Las Vegas’s Lavo. “It’s getting more normal and more normal.”

“When he’s ready to come around, I’m going to greet him with open arms,” she said. “I love him more than anything in the world. He’s my blood.”Spencer and Montag are expecting his first child, a boy, later this month.

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