William Shatner talks Star Trek tech at 'The Future is Here' festival

By Mollie Cahillane
Updated April 25, 2016 05:30 PM
Credit: NBC/WENN

Have you ever dreamed of traveling at warp speed or boldly going where no one has gone before? In the near future, Star Trek just might come to life – according to Captain Kirk himself.

William Shatner said “it’s not that far-fetched,” to expect Star Trek tech coming our way when he appeared at the Smithsonian’s The Future is Here Festival on Friday.

“Although a lot of the concepts in science fiction are absurd to our Newtonian minds, anything is possible because of the new language of quantum physics,” Shatner said, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Much of the tech in the 1966 TV series was just science fiction at the time – but they seem more plausable in an age in which we have iPhones, the Internet and hoverboards (Okay, the last one is questionable!).

Star Trek may have even influenced the U.S. Military, according to Shatner.

“The Navy did come in and look at some of the ergonomics of the bridge, and apparently copied it,” he said, referring to the Enterprise. “A captain of a vessel not too long ago [said] some of the bridge stuff on his ship was designed after what our designers had [done].”

And what about the possibility of someday saying “beam me up, Scotty?” Probably not, but Shatner holds out hope.

“Can you transport all the molecules in a human being? Apparently, it’s impossible,” Shatner explained. “Can you transport a replica of that person? Possible, but the amount of computer energy and space is overwhelming.”

Live long and prosper, Trekkies.