Lindsay Kimble
June 20, 2016 11:35 AM

Sam and Diane are back – and they’re touring across the country.

Fans of iconic TV series Cheers will get a chance to revisit their favorite characters with a brand new stage show.

Cheers Live on Stage is a two-act comedy, based on the patrons of one of Boston’s most famous fictional bars. Drawing from the series’ first season in 1982, the production will feature 14 actors and run for two hours, according to the Associated Press.

“I took season 1 of Cheers and put it all into a big pot and cooked it up and boiled it down,” show writer Erik Forrest Jackson told the AP. “The main through-line is the relationship between Sam and Diane but done in a way so it feels fresh.”

While none of the original stars, including Ted Danson and John Ratzenberger will appear in the touring production, fans will get their own chance at the spotlight.

Director Matt Lenz said that at least 10 preselected audience members will take the stage each night to portray bar patrons. They’ll be outfitted in era-appropriate garb and given stage directions.

In addition, the set will be modeled after the TV show and the original show’s theme music will be used, Lenz told the AP.

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“It will ring bells and feel familiar when Carla talks about her crazy offspring, and Norm moans about not being able to get a job, and Cliff drops another one of his little known ‘facts,’ ” writer Jackson said.

The show will open, fittingly, in Boston on September 13 and is contracted to tour through May 14, 2017, according to Playbill.

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